The Outrageous Tactics Used to Keep the California Gas Tax

Gas PricesA few weeks ago this column addressed the issue of polling and how it can be manipulated and, even when it is not manipulated, how wrong it can be.  Still, candidates, consultants and the media do a lot of polling to test the viability of whatever it is they support or oppose.

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Sen. Josh Newman’s recall election was a bitter fight. While polling suggested he was in trouble, those supporting the recall were well aware that polls can be wrong. But even recall proponents were surprised that the recall would prevail by a 59-41 percent margin. That wasn’t just a loss for Newman. It was a trouncing.

This past week, in his political swan song, Newman vented against the recall effort on the floor of Senate.  Incredibly, Newman stated, “I can’t imagine wanting to win so badly that I would ever do, in the pursuit of partisan advantage, what has been done here.”  In light of how Democrats skewed the political process during the recall effort, Newman’s complaint is laughable. Let’s review.

Not once, but twice, Democrats jammed through new laws changing the recall process specifically for the purpose of throwing Newman a political lifeline.  These were enacted as so-called “trailer bills,” last-minute, supposedly budget-related bills that are passed without any public hearings.  These were designed to delay what otherwise would have been a special election for the recall last November or December, a ploy that succeeded in delaying the issue to June.  Because the purpose of the 100-year-old right to recall is to get a rapid resolution of whether a politician should continue in office, the claim that the new laws were “improving” the process was ridiculous.

Then, adding insult to injury, the ostensibly neutral Fair Political Practices Commission adopted a new rule allowing Newman unlimited campaign contributions from his fellow Democratic senators.  This despite the fact that they denied this right to a Republican senator just a few short years ago.

For Newman to upbraid Republicans on the floor of the California Senate for failing to defend him suggests that he has totally forgotten the Banana Republic tactics that were deployed to save his political career. It also demonstrates how disconnected he was from his constituents, who really were angry over his vote to ensure that California had the highest gas and car taxes in the nation.  His political tone deafness was further revealed by more anti-taxpayer votes for single-payer healthcare, a recording tax to fund housing and a vote for cap-and-trade. …

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  1. Finally something good happens for Californians. A back stabbing, double dealing politician gets the boot, and doesn’t understand why. Can these people be any dumber?

    • tomsquawk says

      two things are infinite; the universe and stupidity. i’m not sure of the former.

      this recall should not be a broken record, it needs to be replayed again and again

    • It’s not his stupidity, it’s his arrogance, that is what makes people so mad.

  2. The Captive says

    These back stabbing ,double dealing politicians just don’t care CAUSE it is OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY! mAY bad karma come to the Demorats and RINOS TOO they deserve it!

  3. California resident and the screwed up SOCIALIST COMMUNIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY has got some big ass whoppin coming their way in November..People are at gas stations getting gas and telling people to vote these dumb ass demwits out in November…Big wave coming demwits to wash your dumb asses out to sea…You can take your mexican scum with you..

  4. I think recalls take too long.

  5. Mr. Pickle says

    Trailer Bills usually are stuff that certain folks want kept away from the public. The GAS TAX is hated by most Ca folks, and once again the majority party pushes it through without a care in the world. throw all other them out come next November and send a STRONG message to stay our or our wallets. They have the stones to do this, and we need the stones to STOP them by NOT electing them. Snake Oil………… Recalls, as stated by ambrjak do take way, way too long……………….

  6. Delbert Tharp says

    Once again the dishonest politicians try to stop what the constitution allows the people to do then bend the rules to give protection to their fellow crook. They will also try to bend the rules when it comes to us voting on the gas repeal tax. Why are the democrats so totally crooked.

    • Because the know that they’ll be kept in office by the no-nothing voters, of which there are so many.

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