‘Three Californias’ Referendum to Appear on November 2018 Ballot

Cal-3 (1)“Cal 3,” a proposal to split California into three states will likely appear on the November 2018 ballot after gathering far more than the minimum number of signatures required, organizers announced Tuesday.

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“Thanks to Californians from every corner of the state, the Cal 3 initiative will be on the statewide ballot this November for the first time ever,” read a statement on the initiative’s website.

As Los Angeles ABC News affiliate KABC-7 reported Tuesday evening, the campaign, led by Silicon Valley billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper, turned in 600,000 signatures, nearly twice the 365,000 that were required.

The three new states would consist of Northern California, extending from the San Francisco Bay Area north to the Oregon border and east to the Nevada border; California, including Los Angeles County and extending northwest along the Central Coast; and Southern California, including San Diego and the rest of the southern part of the state.

This is not Draper’s first attempt to break up the Golden State. In 2016, he produced an even more ambitious plan called “Six Californias.” However, it failed to gain enough signatures to qualify for the ballot that year.

Draper believes that California has become virtually ungovernable, with a state government that is too remote from its citizens.

Similar sentiments have fueled the “State of Jefferson” movement in the conservative northeast portion of California. However, some conservatives fear that the state has become so liberal that breaking it up into new states would simply elect more Democrats to the U.S. Senate.

Regardless, the “Three Californias” referendum could boost turnout — especially among Republicans — in November, making the state more competitive.

Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News. He was named to Forward’s 50 “most influential” Jews in 2017. He is the co-author of How Trump Won: The Inside Story of a Revolution, which is available from Regnery. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.

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  1. Three snakes…I mean states…instead of one?!
    In my humble opinion, United we stand, divided we fall!

  2. If it went the way of the State of Jefferson I believe conservatives would stand a better chance, since none of the major cities are included.

  3. ya , something is rotten in Denmark so to speak. I do not believe for one minute that a bill supported by Demoncraps would be a good thing for California . There is always some hidden agenda to these attacks on statehood. I do believe that a northern and southern California may be a good idea and might have a chance to stop the theft of resources from northern California to supply an insane attempt to bring all of South America into ( mainly ) southern California for the working class to support and them , when they find that their is not enough natural resources to support this many people , start to steal from other parts of the state ( even buying water from other states at taxpayer expense ) to make it look as if everything is alright and everyone is a bigot that can see the negative impact on our state and country.

  4. Living in the far northern part of California that doesn’t connect with a major interstate, has no rail system and inadequate plane service, there’s no way the local economy could afford to maintain the highways or keep social programs going at their present levels, so the worst off (poorest) new “state” (a combination of Humboldt, Del Norte, Shasta and other counties) would become Hell holes in no time.

  5. JLSeagull says

    It would be interesting to see a count of the signatures gathered county-by-county for this ballot initiative. My guess is that the Jefferson counties would show a much lower count at the thought of being lumped in with the SF Bay area, particularly when compared with the population of each county. As for me? I will vote “NO” on San Francisco.

  6. California resident who be in the socal state, does that mean we can kick all the illegal mexican scum out of our state??? The socialist communist democrates in this state are a bunch of ILLEGAL FOOLS….Vote Republican in Nov 2018 and lets send this mexican scum packing..

    • Oh no!, Does that mean I’ll have to go out of state, to ride the “Moonbeam Express”? Sounds O.K. to me, wish I could vote several times, like a Democrat.

  7. tomsquawk says

    This might well be a new way to tax & steal. Who gets the assets, who the liabilities and how? I always say no to everything because altruism is not a mainstay of our politicians. Be careful for which you wish. It’s not that California is ungovernable it’s that politicians are.

    • When you get an open sewer in one location, it stinks up the rest of the neighborhood. Some people get used to it though, if you give them free rent.

  8. Larry Ev says

    Well, I’m surprised. I was sure we had way more than 600,000 idiots in this state. I believe it’s about 40% of the population. Anyway, divide it all you want; we’ll still be surrounded by the same morons. If the Democrats are for it you can bet your bank roll it’s bad for the state! If the Billionaire Democrats are for it, it’s a BILLION TIMES BAD for the state! They lucked out, made billions, and confuse that with brains!

  9. askeptic says

    CAL-3: Three times the Stupid.

  10. J. Richards Garcia says

    Today, I heard Brian Susman on KSFO (San Francisco) credibly say the proposed 3 new states would likely elect as many as 4 new liberal left U.S. senators. I agree the coastal state and the northern state would elect wildly left democrat politicians. And the so-called southern state (not including Los Angeles) might elect republican senators. The immediate purpose of CAL 3 is to stack congress with new leftwing senators, after making another billion for Mr. Draper.
    I’m concerned the confused Mr. Draper’s ending destination is anti-human Malthusian, named after a profoundly wrong-headed Anglican priest in the 18th century, Thomas Robert Malthus, whom today would be distinguished as being a wildly left democrat 150 years before such a term was dreamed.
    Let’s make sure Congress will refuse to accept new California states.

  11. Victoria Smith says

    That is exactly what it will do, make three liberal states instead of just one, because, if you look at how it is sectioned, each section gets a major pocket of liberal degradation attached to it. Draper has no interest in giving people more representation, only giving the socialists/communists more presence in the nation’s capitol.

  12. What a piece of crap! Dividing California that way makes three very liberal states instead of one. It is a numbers game to increase liberal/communism. Evan if the illegals vote, they too will be screwed.

  13. The censors eyes are un-naturally brown. They would not allow my previous comment about 3 new liberal states.

  14. Will not get my vote. As it stands, the division is plainly in favor of the left and will ad to the number of federal office holders in a most decidedly left leaning fashion. Why is there no talk of who will take on the states debt? This is a sham in the worst way. Not all Californians are as stupid as the dems believe and I for one am insulted by this attempt to further your cause at our expense.

  15. CaliExpat says

    Only in favor if Ventura County is excluded from “Californiia” and included in “SoCal”
    Exclude everything north of the 101 FREEWAY and I’d be for it…

  16. showandtell says

    Good comments here, very helpful and informative — would love to hear more.

    For me it always seems like a big mistake to sign on to ANYTHING this drastic and dramatic unless one has the brainpower (and time and energy) to fully list and analyze all the INTENDED consequences, never mind all the UNINTENDED consequences, which no one can predict.

    Katy Grimes once identified particular California “reform” efforts as the self-gratifying and self-benefiting exercises of certain washed-up politicians and “bored billionaires.” Thus it’s all about attention and vanity and drama and wacky pet projects — and money — and not at all about what would be good for California, even if it is packaged that way. The CA-split proposal might fall into that category:

    As you may know there is another article posted at this site on the three-state split where, seemingly out of nowhere, an Occupy-style Marxist popped up in the comments section. Scanning her comments I saw that she spewed the usual nonsense but was against the split. The natural reaction of some conservatives may be to back the split just because a leftist doesn’t want it but it may not be that simple. Conservatives may agree with leftists to reject this one at the ballot box even though each side has wildly different reasons for doing it. There have been such “coalitions” of left and right in California; see Prop 31 from 2012.

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