Top 10 Stupidest New Laws in California for 2017

california-flagI’m not in the habit of complaining at the outset of a column, but I’ve taken on a nearly impossible task — figuring out which, of the hundreds of new California laws about to go into effect, are the stupidest.

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Don’t laugh. I’m serious.

It’s really, really hard to keep the list at 10 with hundreds of hare-brained schemes that became real laws.

After all, for far too long, the California Legislature has been a “conservative-free zone” — even though there were a handful of “Republicans” occupying seats and taking up space.

I’m going to list the new laws in order of their egregiousness to me, but I’m open to additions or wholesale re-ordering if you care to comment.

Given that Californians are facing 898 new laws going into effect on January 1st, 2017, there’s plenty to hate.

  1. Prop. 63: “2nd Amendment Nullification” Act.  Although various portions go into effect in various years — yes, they staggered implementation of this “critically needed reform,” some out to 2019 — this is the most sweeping assault on our long-cherished, God-given natural right as Americans to protect our lives and our freedom.  It requires you to pass a background check and pay for a permit to buy ammunition for the gun you may have just passed a background check to buy.  Yeah, that’ll stop criminals — who buy their guns and ammo in parking lots from other criminals. WooHoo! Next, it makes high-capacity magazine (any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds) illegal to possess — even if you bought it prior to the current ban and ownership was previously considered grandfathered.  This law should make it clear that the goal of the left is not “safety” — it’s control.
  2. SB880: “Bullet Button Ban.” For years, California Democrats have sought to ban a made-up classification of semi-auto rifles with “evil features” that they re-named “assault weapons” for propaganda purposes. Every year, California Democrats attempt to increase control over this “hated group” of guns — until they finally outright ban all semi-automatics.  This law will not do a single thing to further public safety, as the San Bernardino terrorist attack illustrated — determined mass murderers will simply ignore and work around all gun control laws — as if they are just words on paper. One last bit of irony: in a previous legislative session, this same bill was sponsored by none other than disgraced State Senator Leland Yee. If that name sounds familiar, you’re right. Leland Yee wanted to “protect” Californians from “assault weapons” on our streets — that is, until he was arrested for trafficking fully automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades in exchange for campaign contributions. He’s currently serving a five-year prison sentence.
  3. SB3: Minimum Wage Hike to $15/hour by 2020. As a result of a strong socialist push by unions and complicit governments — such as the union-controlled California legislature — businesses are looking to eliminate as many jobs as possible, investing in automation instead. When you combine this with unchecked illegal immigration — where you have an unlimited labor pool willing to work for sub-par wages under the table — the future for entry-level jobs and small business owners in California is bleak.
  4. AB1785 The “Hands Free” Law. This is another example of government gone wild. AB1785 prescribes driver behavior so severely that in and of itself, I believe it will cause more accidents — and more deaths. Not only must the phone be dash mounted — meaning you’ll have a permanent distraction right in front of you — but you may not text, take photos or video, or enter GPS destinations while driving. Fat chance of stopping those activities with a mere $20 fine. The bill does stipulate that “the only time a driver is allowed to touch the device is when he or she is activating or deactivating a “feature or function.” However, that process should only involve a “single swipe or tap of the driver’s finger,” according to the bill,” reports. How about “hands off” my phone instead of an unenforceable “hands free” law?
  5. AB 1732: Single-User Restrooms. If you’ve ever had to go so badly that you used the opposite sex restroom at a gas station or Starbucks, then perhaps you think this law is needed. But do we really need another law regulating bathrooms? Some businesses have already put signs on their single-use restrooms designating use by either sex. And sometimes people just take it upon themselves. I can’t help but think this law is unnecessary and diminishes us as a society a little.
  6. SB 1383: Controlling Cow Flatulence. Not making this up. In spite of the fact that 53 California dairy farmers went bankrupt, moved out of state, or just closed down this year, the Marxist-Progressives are back at it again. Capture cow farts or suffer heavy fines.  CARB (CA Air Resources Board) suggests inserting a tube into the cow’s digestive system and venting into a backpack. Even liberals admit that laws like this, where government tries to control the uncontrollable, can have undesirable economic consequences. Lost jobs, lost industries, lost revenue. Stupid law.
  7. AB 857: Ghost Gun Ban.  Even if you manufacture your own gun — starting with an 80 percent receiver — that requires you to have special skills and tools to complete the machining, you must now register it and obtain a serial number from the California Department of Justice. The purpose of this law is simply to record your name and your firearm on a list for eventual confiscation. Once again, control — not public safety — is the goal.
  8. SB1322: Legalizing Child Prostitution. This law bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution. Now that is nuts. I understand the idea of trying to not punish the victim, but certainly granting judges discretion is better than legalizing and therefor “green-lighting” behavior that is so harmful to the individual child.
  9. Prop. 57:  Early Release for so-called Non-Violent Criminals. This was Governor Jerry Brown’s baby — the crown jewel of his prison reform initiatives. Among those offenses he considers “non-violent”: rape of an unconscious person; human trafficking involving sex acts with minors; and assault with a deadly weapon. Blogger Felicia Wilson summed it up well (original emphasis): “Call me crazy, but shouldn’t a crime that includes the word rape or assault be considered, I don’t know … violent?”
  10. AB 2466: Felons Voting. Low-Level felons serving sentences outside of state prison get to keep their right to vote. Hmm. Wonder which party this could possibly help? Just like the “illegal alien vote,” Democrats will have the felon vote locked down. This is simply about protecting their power and making it permanent.

When California Democrats promised to take to the streets to defend the rights of convicted felons, illegal aliens and welfare recipients, they weren’t kidding. If only they were as serious about cracking down on immigration cheats and violent criminals as they are about penalizing law-abiding citizens and gun owners, California would have more jobs, less crime — and might be a place people want to come to instead of fleeing.

Tim Donnelly is a Former California State Assemblyman. FaceBook: Twitter: @PatriotNotPol 

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  1. True Teacher says

    RE: AB 1785. It is already illegal to drive and hold a cell phone. CHP gave me a ticket back in 2010 for this.

    Is AB 1785 just another legislator declaring, “The public do not follow our laws on the books, so we need to re-state the law with a new one?” YOU WILL NOT DRIVE AND HOLD YOUR CELL PHONE, AND WE MEAN IT!

    These folks in Sacramento should apply “hands off” to their interference in the everyday lives of the people. One party rule = authoritarianism.

  2. I have to get out of this state!

  3. re. number 2. Technically a double action revolver qualifies as semiautomatic.

  4. retiredxlr8r says

    The Loons in Sacramento were hired (voted for) by other loons. The majority of Californians, from Brown on down, are immature children at best. They are ill educated (thank you school system First Five to the UC system) lack any knowledge of our National Constitution or history, economics fails them, common sense lacking, and no one has any idea what wisdom is.
    Don’t trust them, don’t like them, and consider that California is lost to socialism with a bent towards communism. Just ask Brown, he’ll tell you what you need, what’s best for you, how much taxes you pay, what kind of car you should drive or NOT, who should be in prison and who should not, how your business should operate and who you should hire and how much you should pay them, and most importantly that he is so much smarter than you or any Republican ever!
    God help us but California is governed by idiots!

    • Richard T. Seiler says

      The problem is that the Loons in San Francisco, Los Angeles and a narrow strip from San Francisco south on the coast outnumber the rest of the state and have no common sense. This state needs every law and state elected official to be run by an electoral college where every thing is decided by 1 vote per county. It would largely stop the waste and abuse.

  5. Screw bald headed woodpecker nose brown—-the cretin is not immature –he is senile from a botched lobotomy

    • He is also an illegal governor. He has had his 2 terms before 2000. Prop 140 established a 2 term limit. Brown used his position as state attorney general to declare that it was OK for him to run for governor again, this was a lifetime ban. He is a criminal. Hopefully the new US attorney general can impact this abuse of power.

  6. CA, the Land of Fruits and Nuts!
    …and now without me – finally.

  7. California Legislators exempted themselves from all gun control laws! WTF

  8. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    #7 (SB 1383) reminded me of the sport fishing conservation phrase “catch and release”. Wherever the emissions are “caught”, they should be “released” into the State Capitol building !

  9. Sharon Daniels says

    Where are the animal rights people…you can’t do that to cows…what are they thinking they should capture their own farts…what a joke we have in Sacramento!

  10. Well,It looks as if we’ve finally identified the problem.
    In Chicago we have Democrats killing Democrats.
    In LA we have Democrats killing Democrats.
    Wonder why the state of California wants the Republican’s guns?

  11. notluf trebor says

    Moonbeam strikes again…as for him and out cuttent bunch of legislators. I have heard it said, “There is no cure for stupid.”

  12. Freedome Fighter says

    You’re right – it’s ALL about CONTROL!!!! The Dimocraps want to control everything you do. Watch – next they’ll be counting how many sheets of toilet paper you use.

    • Buddy Redoble says


  13. Isaac Reiff says

    Progressives are certainly the scourge in this country. There should be a law that makes them a danger to society, thus requiring their removal from our midst. As for the rest of the clear thinking people on the Left Coast “What The Hell Is Wrong With You”? Can’t you band together and vote these pieces of human waste out of office and reclaim your state? Why are you allowing these ridiculous fools to ruin your lives, as they appoint individuals who seem to follow in their footsteps and legislate even more insane constraints. You have the power, use it, or become Subjects, with zero rights.

  14. Any law that causes more accidents is ridiculous. There are enough accidents in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. I could not agree more with this statement – How about “hands off” my phone instead of an unenforceable “hands free” law?

    With all the technology we have, isn’t there a way for Apple or Android to shut the phone off when it is traveling over 10 or 15 mph? This would save so many lives and reduce the accidents significantly.

  15. CHIEF USN RET says

    Ah HA!!! This is all precisely why we sold our home and ejected out of this COMMIE STATE and moved to one of the last strongholds of the fundamental United States…. North Idaho.

    Ya’ll have fun now with the states gov’t thumb all over you!!

  16. Delbert Cutsinger says

    I’m not sure if the new so called “hands free” law has exempted anyone from it like law enforcement was before being replaced AB 1785 but if LEO’s are exempted while on duty then I’d like to know exactly what training officers and other emergency responders get that makes it ok for them to use their phones, radios, computers & all of the other equipment used while on duty? From my perspective if officers & other emergency responders are exempt then I’d like to know what training they’ve received that makes it safe for them to be exempted, if it is really dangerous to use these type of devices while driving then emergency responders should not be exempt because there is no training anyone can receive that makes being exempt IMHO.

  17. Its amazing that the people in california keep complaining, and yet keep electing these idiots. You get what you elect, ask the rest of the country!

  18. The Demos actually believe that our “representatives” can handle our lives better than we can. Was the revolution of 1776 a mistake? Apparently the Demos think so.

  19. this minimum wage is very convenient for the big guys to pick up cheap help from the really small business when the rents, taxes and city mandated cost increase cause micro stores to close up. the trend now is for the amazons and alibabas to take over the bricks too, paid for by your taxes and elected representatives. Hope you like being in the robot cadres because soon the robots will replace you and all the little stores will be gone .

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