Top American Scientists Voice ‘Alarm’ at Woke California Math Curriculum

Hundreds of America’s top scientists and mathematicians have released an open letter in which they express “alarm” at the likely disastrous consequences of woke K-12 math curricula such as the “Equitable Math’ framework proposed in California.

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To date, nearly 600 of the nation’s top quantitative scientists have signed onto the open letter that specifically voices “deep concern” about California’s “equitable math” framework, one that promotes the concept that working to figure out a correct answer is an example of racism and white supremacy invading the classroom.

The scientists write:

[W]e are deeply concerned about the unintended consequences of recent well-intentioned approaches to reform mathematics education, particularly the California Mathematics Framework (CMF). Such frameworks aim to reduce achievement gaps by limiting the availability of advanced mathematical courses to middle schoolers and beginning high schoolers. While such reforms superficially seem “successful” at reducing disparities at the high school level, they are merely “kicking the can” to college.

“Such a reform would disadvantage K-12 public school students in the United States compared with their international and private-school peers,” the scientists explain. “It may lead to a de facto privatization of advanced mathematics K-12 education and disproportionately harm students with fewer resources.”

The scientists who signed the open letter, many of whom are STEM professionals and math educators, assert they “wholeheartedly” reject another “deeply worrisome trend” of “devaluing essential mathematical tools such as calculus and algebra in favor of seemingly more modern ‘data science.’”

“The ability to gather and analyze massive amounts of data is indeed transforming our society,” they continue, adding:

But “data science” – computer science, statistics, and artificial intelligence- is built on the foundations of algebra, calculus, and logical thinking. While these mathematical fields are centuries old and sometimes more, they are arguably even more critical for today’s grand challenges than in the Sputnik era.

The U.S. scientists state they are calling upon “national, state, and local governments to involve college-level STEM educators and STEM professionals in the design of K-12 mathematics and science education curriculum.”

Among their goals is to ensure “all students, regardless of background, have access to a math curriculum with precision and rigor,” and eliminate a “one size fits all” approach to K-12 mathematical education.”

While the scientists urge students be offered “multiple pathways and timelines to explore mathematics,” they insist one such pathway “should be the option to obtain the fundamental preparation for college-level STEM, including algebra, calculus, and logical reasoning.”

“Students should have the opportunity to take those classes at varying grade levels of middle and high school when they are ready, so that they acquire the tools to explore other STEM options and can build their proficiency in a balanced pacing, avoiding irresponsible compression late in high school,” they assert.

The mathematicians and scientists stress that initiatives such as California’s “Equitable Math” “propose drastic changes based on scant and inconclusive evidence.”

“Reducing access to advanced mathematics and elevating trendy but shallow courses over foundational skills would cause lasting damage to STEM education in the country and exacerbate inequality by diminishing access to the skills needed for social mobility,” they observe, adding that “[s]ubjecting the children of our largest state to such an experiment is the height of irresponsibility.”

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  1. Rick Abrams says

    If a Woke parents do not want their children exposed to math or English, which are allegedly white man’s creation, or history which is allegedly white man’s creation, or science which is a allegedly a white man’s creation, they should be allowed to study rap music. White parents can be woke and they too can protect their children from indoctrination into what white men think by sending their kids to woke schools just as white Fundies send their kids to religious schools which protect them from the pernicious influence of logic. Let each group have its own math, its own science, its own language, its own history, its own everything. Why we could even let each have their own separate schools and live in their own separate neighborhoods least they be influenced by what white people think. They should ride on separate buses least white advertisement upset them.

    It seems to me that the main promoters of wokness for Blacks are Whites based on the assumption that Blacks lack the ability to survive without the intervention of their white superiors.. At times, it is hard to tell who is more anti-Black – the KKK or the wokers

    • Love it! Academic education is a tool of the oppressors. Already public education in this country has taken a terrible turn towards acceptance by the young of a totalitarian state. Who could have anticipated that the Democrats would be a party of fascists by 2021?

  2. Get elected to local school boards and eject the “woke” or, move to a Free State and don’t forget why you moved.

  3. Arithmetic is for all who need to function in American society. Arithmetic is the use of the math that operates at the addition, subtraction, division and multiplication level. A high percentage of people operate strictly at that level. Our education system early on does open the door for all students to try other types of math. Success at these types of math is dependent on many factors. One main factor is brain development, which varies from person to person. Other factors are willingness to work hard to learn that math, parent support, school support of extra help, community support and the laws and rules governing the criteria of things such as students being able to advance to higher levels. The current requirement in California is that students must pass algebra to graduate. Many students have little or no interest in learning algebra. Most Americans use very little or no algebra throughout their lives. Because this is a requirement they are forced to take and repeat classes that lead to passing the algebra requirement. Our “leaders” feel that such forcing is to show they are committed to the opportunity for all students to reach the admission requirements for college/universities. That is patently false. It basically just forces many students to take classes that lead to nowhere when in fact the student/parent should have the choice of more logical and useful classes that do relate to their future. Why are we not going in that direction??

  4. LilaLaurel says

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  5. Great…lets raise more dummies and blame the white folk. Sounds like a great plan (sarcasm)

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