University of California Sues Trump Administration over DACA Decision

Janet NapolitanoThe University of California has sued the Trump administration for its decision to rescind the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.

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UC lawyers allege that the rights of the nation’s largest college system were violated when President Donald Trump, on “nothing more than unreasoned executive whim,” dumped DACA.

Many conservatives complain that President Barack Obama issued DACA in violation of the Constitution, after failing to win congressional approval for a “pathway to citizenship” for 11.5 million illegal aliens.

UC President Janet Napolitano is especially knowledgeable regarding DACA, because as Obama’s Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security between 2009 to 2013, she issued the memorandum, “Exercising Prosecutorial Discretion with Respect to Individuals Who Came to the United States as Children,” to stop up to 2 million deportations of those brought illegally to the U.S. as children.

Although the title of Napolitano’s DACA memo talked about U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) using their professional discretion to decide deportation issues, the document’s language specifically mandated that for any individual meeting Napolitano’s criteria, ICE and CBP would “prevent low priority individuals from being placed into removal proceedings or removed from the United States.”

Breitbart News reported that of the 790,000 eligible aliens that enrolled in DACA, California has 223,000 California, or 28 percent of DACA enrollees. That is more than the combined totals of the next four states, including Texas, Illinois, Arizona and New York; and also more than in the lowest 28 states combined.

Despite the constant emphasis by DACA supporters about vulnerable children being victimized by their parents’ actions, DACA only covers aliens between the ages of 15 to 30 years old. The median age of a DACA enrollee is 25 years old.

One of the reasons that California is such a magnet to so-called “Dreamers” is the spectacular array of college educational benefits made available through the 2003 passage of AB 540, a waiver of out-of-state tuition for illegal aliens; and the 2011 passage of the California DREAM Act, which made all “undocumented” immigrants eligible for financial aid if they attended high school in the state or received a GED.

Financial aid programs available to “Dreamers” include Cal Grants for tuition; a Board of Governor’s fee waiver; and institution-specific grants and scholarships for UC and California State University campuses. Illegal aliens can also receive the UC’s California DREAM Loan Program and resources through campus Undocumented Student Centers.

Napolitano told NPR, “Neither I, nor the University of California, take the step of suing the federal government lightly, especially not the very agency that I led.”

She added: “It is imperative, however, that we stand up for these vital members of the UC community. They represent the best of who we are — hard working, resilient and motivated high achievers.”

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  1. “…the rights of the … college system…”???????
    Any judge that grants standing to UC on this matter needs to be disbarred.

    • There is a mental illness prevailing at the Chancellor’s office of the UC system. Foreign students should never be given access in preference to legitimate US students let alone citizens of California!

  2. It seems to me that suit should be made by us taxpaying citizens against Nepolian and the UC system – specifically Berkley. Why are you so worried about those who are not citizens when you won’t even allow first amendment rights for citizens. Instead, by taking no action, you encourage organizations like AntiFA to create on campus destruction and chaos so as to prevent anyone with differing opinion from being heard. Ultimately us taxpayers must carry the bill of destruction created by your lack of leadership and control. And that is what we should be suing you for…

  3. ROTS OF RUCK FAtty nappy—frivolous and you will be sued back –get the hell out of my school

  4. Let’s face it, a certain party in our political system is more concerned about garnering more votes by hook or by crook than they are concerned about the development and welfare of legal American citizens. Those in this country ILLEGALLY have more rights, get more assistance (both free legal and financial) and receive more sympathy that the struggling, hard working, U.S. citizen! Don’t believe it then you’re living with your head buried in the sand! Try getting a UC grant of any kind if you’re a young, white male, 2nd of 3 brothers, living in a struggling household with an average combined annual income of $100,000. WON’T HAPPEN! Or bring a girlfriend back from the Philippines and attempt to marry her legally here in the U.S., first they will require her to leave the country, then get in line for a visa consideration for LEGAL entry into the U.S. (means waiting for 5 – 10 years). Then if you finally get through that and she wants to bring her little brother here to the U.S. LEGALLY for a better life and education, there’s a whole lot of paperwork, money paid via document fees, a waiting period of 2 years or more, etc. Then getting him assistance like the DACA Illegals get – forget about it! So who is catered to more – the ILLEGALS who enter the country illegally, abuse our medical, educational and welfare system (to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars) taking advantage of Americas good heart, or those who respect the law, honor our system, and follow the rules? Most of those who have emigrated to the US from other countries have done so legally. Why can’t all who wish to do the same follow the same rules and experience the same consequences when they don’t? I’m just saying the laws are for EVERYONE. ILLEGAL entry is breaking the law – period! That’s why if you are alien to this country, and you enter ILLEGALLY under todays laws then you are an ILLEGAL alien – period. This is not name calling, not degrading an individual or nationality, not being insensitive, it is what it is – stating a fact. Whether your parents brought you in ILLEGALLY, or you entered on your own Illegally, it’s still breaking the law and until a fair, viable, and enforceable new law is created we must enforce the laws currently in existence for now.

  5. Only brain dead libturds do crap like this! Suing a sitting president for performing his constitutional duty and upholding the laws he took an oath to do? And you are sueing him?!! Alright asshats come down off the illegal alien crying cross, we need the wood and nails to help rebuild Texas and south Florida!!!!

  6. If these students are “the best of who we are”, then let them be admitted to the University on truly meritocratic grounds, without your institutional favouritism. And, while merit for university admission should be judged primarily on academic grounds, eligibility to have a candidate’s application reviewed should include legal status within a state, or willingness to make an application from a foreign state as an international student, which my son is now preparing in order to study in England, where he is not a resident and where he will have to pay out-of-state tuition fees, as all qualified illegal immigrants should have to do in California.

  7. Nappy and her former boss, Obumble, treated the US Constitution as if it were toilet paper. She should have to pay the court costs out of her own pocket rather than use UC and taxpayers funds. Of course filing a federal lawsuit guarantees that any appeals would be heard by the loopy Ninth Circuit. She should be tarred, feathered and run out of state on a rail.

  8. Nappy has rocks in her head, this is our country and as easily the last mutt implemented this, our current patriotic president can rescind the illegal passage of DACA. Schools are only looking out for their $$$ and it’s about time a president has the balls to stand firm and restore this country to what the voters wanted. This is the only president in my lifetime who is trying to keep his promises for which he was elected but between Schools, bollywood, the media, and the liberal nuts of this state/country oh, and of course the stupid lawyers that file these suits he has a battle but he has millions of backers and as long as we all continue our support for President Trump there might be hope for this country.

  9. May those liberal-LEFTISTS lose!

  10. Sorry folks but the DACA children/young adults are not going to be deported. What Pres. Trump has done is forced Congress to earn their $$ The Constitution says it is their job, not the President’s. However, there is no was in heck this country is going to deport a bunch of lawful student and/or gainfully employed productive illegals. The criminals will go quickly, I would hope. Precedent has been set and trying to deport them will have the world come down on us like no tomorrow. Pres. Trump knows what he’s doing; trust me on that one.

  11. Jerry Hattox says

    This is nuts. The university is sueing the President for recnding an executive order that was unconstitutionally issued by President Obama and giving the matter back to congress where it belongs.

  12. retiredxlr8r says

    California colleges and universities are wrong on all counts!
    Their greed is influencing their decision and greed alone.
    California is lost to the liberal left, the cowardly antifa, immature college students, self serving politicians, and most of all professors in the system who cannot teach but their own opinions.
    That’s another swamp that needs to be drained.

  13. Ms. Napolitano should be sue for the return of millions she stole and hid for her own use from the U.C. System. She should also pay damages to student who had to pay increasing tuitions the stolen millions could have help pay.

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