Unsettled California Races Could Tip US House Control

The outcome in a string of closely matched California U.S. House races that could play into control of the chamber remained unsettled Friday, as millions of ballots remained uncounted in the nation’s most populous state.

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More than a dozen races in the state remained in play, though only a handful were seen as tight enough to go either way. It takes 218 seats to control the House. Republicans had locked down 211 for far, with Democrats claiming 200.

It could take days, or even weeks, to determine who gets the gavel next year.

Should Democrats fail to protect their slim majority, Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield would be in line to replace Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco.

In California, the primary battlegrounds are Orange County — a suburban expanse southeast of Los Angeles that was once a GOP stronghold but has become increasingly diverse and Democratic — and the Central Valley, an inland stretch sometimes called the nation’s salad bowl for its agricultural production.

One of the tightest races matched Democratic Rep. Katie Porter, a star of the party’s progressive wing, against Republican Scott Baugh, a former legislator, in an Orange County district about equally divided between Democrats and Republicans.

Returns showed Porter expanding her narrow lead to 4,555 votes, or 51.2% to 48.8% for Baugh. Earlier, Porter’s edge had been about 3,000 votes.

In another close contest in a Democratic-leaning district north of Los Angeles, Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Garcia saw his comfortable edge over Democratic challenger Christy Smith dip slightly. His margin remained at 12 points, 56% to 44%.

Democrats have long dominated California’s congressional delegation, which is dropping to 52 seats next year, from 53 seats, because its population growth has stalled, though it remains the largest delegation in Congress.

In the current term, Republicans hold only 11 of the 53 seats in the strongly Democratic state.

With counting incomplete, Republicans claimed six races so far and were leading in six others.

Democrats tallied wins in 30 seats and were leading in 10 other contests. In two of those races, only Democrats were on the ballot, meaning the party will hold control of those seats.

But much uncertainty remained. As of Thursday, nearly 5 million ballots remained uncounted statewide.

East of Los Angeles, Republican Rep. Ken Calvert regained the lead after trailing Democrat Will Rollins. With about half the votes counted, Calvert held a 1-point edge. Calvert, first elected in 1992, is the longest serving Republican in the California congressional delegation.

In the Central Valley’s 22nd District, where about half the votes have been counted, an update showed Democrat Rudy Salas cutting into the lead held by Republican Rep. David Valadao, who voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump. The two are divided by 5 points, after Valadao earlier had a more than 8-point advantage.

In a competitive district anchored in San Diego County, Democratic Rep. Mike Levin saw his edge grow slightly against Republican businessman Brian Maryott. Levin holds a 4-point margin, with about two-thirds of the votes tallied.

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  1. Republicans better focus on watching this vote count instead of assuming we have the House. California Democrats dominate the legislature because they have streamlined cheating. If you don’t believe that you are either not paying attention, are in denial, or asleep!

    • Steve Douglass says

      Everyone says fraud but who can show me proof? Anything please.

      Just because you say that there is fraud does not make it so.

      I will believe election fraud when I see it explained with arrests and documentation but until then, I will have to trust the system.

  2. Steve,
    Have you heard of Mike Lindell and the digital fraud he has uncovered in detail back in 2021?

    The powers that be, and not you and me, are stealing the vote again. And stealing our freedom and our country.

    Hopefully, we are now on to them and all that they are trying to steal will be uncovered and made public info. We need to have paper ballots again.

    California is one of the most corrupt and of course, our slick, Gov. made sure to implement Mail Ballots early this year. I wonder why?


    • Nothing will come of this (vote fraud) until there is a complete change in the Federal Government.
      I don’t see this occurring.

    • Steve Douglass says

      Aprila, I have heard of Mike Lindell and I did watch for his “revelations” but I some how missed that he had any evidence of fraud. As I recall, on the day he was supposed to reveal this fraud he walked off stage before telling anyone and then hid for the rest of the show. Even his computer specialists were shaking their heads about the “data” he was going to present.

      I followed the Cyber Ninjas and was hoping to see if the 2020 election was rife with fraud but alas after three recounts all they could come up with was Biden got a few more votes. Again, please show me the fraud.

      Eleanor, I have been called a lot of things but gullible has not been one of them. I think voting fraud should be taken very seriously and when it was announced in 2020 election, I took notice. I followed all the reports from the left AND the right leaning websties. There were a few times that I though someone had found discrepancies but it turned out to be some localized ballot fraud from a very small percentage of voters (I think around 20 ballots or so). I am still waiting for this “widespread” fraud to appear.

  3. GOP Republican Reformer says

    Some of these races for Republicans were lost in the Primaries. To many unelectable or ultra conservatives got nominated. For example, The OC – San Diego County, district you refer to in your story where Democratic Rep. Mike Levin has 4-point lead against Republican businessman Brian Maryott who is ultra-right and beat out OC Supervisor Lisa Barlett who would have easily won this seat is an example of the failures of leadership to get behind the enough of the right candidates. Those also included those who voted to impeach Trump look at those 10 seats and tell me how many we kept. Should have been all it was like 2 out 10 I believe.

    Anyways we have been doing this for a while but this last cycle it was really bad nationally to nominate so many candidates who did not fit the districts or lacked experience or just were dogmatically local to the former President. The fact Republicans lost SO bad should be a wakeup call but I fear it will not matter at all.

  4. Why isn’t RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel in Nevada? In Arizona? All I get from McDaniel are emails asking me to donate money. The hell I will! The GOP leadership is worthless. From CAGOP Jessica Patterson to RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel – all from the UniParty. I know a lot of Republicans who plan to switch to NPP because they are embarrassed to be in the GOP with this lousy leadership.

  5. There is deep diving into the forensics of races. When a voter (who is dead) surfaces and votes in an election and hasn’t voted in 15 years, and the dem registrar of voters accepts the ballot, you know something stinks! When hundreds of voters are voting in more than one state – a federal offense – you know something stinks! These are the facts that are hard to bring forward in legal challenges, but some of us are working on it. As long as we allow voting for a month and every registered voter to get a ballot, some who are truly ineligible to vote but democrat registrars of voters accept their ballots, we will have to contend with these unfair fraudulent ballots that the dems have learned to use to their advantage. Since Registrars of Voters are elected, they can make their own policies, and they are doing so in great number in California including the Secretary of State. Once the ballot leaves the hands of the supposed voter, we are not able to do anything about it. Cleaning up the rolls, purging ineligible voters, and working with a clean slate is doomed as long as dems are in charge.

  6. Steve, you will be seeing it in headlines soon. I am not sure what you saw occur with Mike, but I assure you he has been steadily working on this with his own money, and has hired the best lawyers from all over the country, and many other volunteers and staff.

    Please visit Mike Lindell’s website and tv show.

    4 pm our time. On GETTR or just Frankspeech.com


    We all must get informed and take back our country. We are very close to losing it at this point, no exaggeration.

  7. Son of Billy Jack says

    Just Sayin’, I read the platform of the American Independent Party. It is inspirational and the most aligned with my sensibilities. I have been a lifelong Republican. Today there are the Woke and the Awake. Is there an “Awake” party?

    Getting the house away from the Democrats is a start. Steve Bannon said it would take 50 years to drain the swamp.

    The “swamp” is a vast pool of money that funds the corruption cycle in every corner of government. Draining the swamp means taking the money away from the politicians and bureaucrats.

    Working on a plan. Will advise.

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