Vandals cover California Republican lawmaker’s office in photos of kids ‘Murdered by Israel’

Rep. David Valadao’s office was vandalized Monday morning in Hanford by someone the California Republican congressman described as “anti-Israel protestors,” according to a post on social media.

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Photos on Valadao’s feed on X, formerly known as Twitter, showed fliers placed on the glass doors and a few on the brick wall that included photos of children and the words, “Murdered by Israel.”

“This morning, my Hanford office was vandalized by anti-Israel protestors. I strongly support the right to peaceful protest, but violence and vandalism are never acceptable,” Valadao tweeted. “In a democracy, harassment and intimidation is not how you make your voice heard.”

The images shared by the congressman also appeared to show a dark liquid splashed on the doors and wall.

“If these protestors truly cared about Palestinian children they would also support the eradication of Hamas terrorists, who are actively using Palestinian hospitals and schools as cover for their military operations and putting thousands of Palestinian civilians at risk,” Valadao also tweeted on Monday.

Hanford police Lt. Justin Vallin said the vandalism appeared to happen between 11 p.m. Sunday and midnight though police were still reviewing surveillance footage. It involved three to five people, he said.

The liquid on the wall appeared at first to possibly be blood, he said, but police found some discarded bottles that revealed the liquid to be a dark red syrup.

The office on Douty Street is a highly foot trafficked area about a block south of downtown and two blocks north of Highway 198, he said.

Valadao has previously tweeted pro-Israel statements, including a Nov. 3 message that denounced Antisemitism and called for sanctions against Hamas

Israel and Palestine have recently committed to a four-day ceasefire after the war erupted on Oct. 7, when Hamas militants in Gaza burst across the border into southern Israel, killing at least 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and abducting some 240 others, including, women, children and older people.

Israel immediately declared war, carrying out weeks of airstrikes and a ground offensive that have left over 13,300 Palestinians dead, according to health authorities in the Hamas-controlled territory. Roughly two-thirds of those killed in Gaza have been women and minors.

Both sides have expressed claims to the land.

Israel captured the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza in the 1967 Mideast war. Settlers claim the West Bank as their biblical birthright. Most of the international community considers the settlements — home to 700,000 Israelis — illegal.

Valadao said his office remained open by appointment, phone, email or mail.

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  1. Theowner can cover those photos with the photos of murdered and butchered Israeli children. Whoever posted the Gaza pictures won’t know the difference if the owner doesn’t say these are Israeli children.

  2. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    Aren’t these pro-Hamas protestors the same folks we saw at the George Floyd protests? Asking for a friend.

  3. “In a democracy, harassment and intimidation is not how you make your voice heard.” Yeah?? Try explaing that to a communist fascist racist pro-Hamas KKK democrat moron. As the saying goes…… Ya can’t fix stupid!!!

  4. I don’t think there are any children killed by Israel. Hamas took care of that and killed every other family member too. They are a contagion, a cancer and a disease. All of the blue haired, confused, angry, leftist, Marxist, protestors if they are so interested in standing with Palestine, they should go STAND IN PALESTINE. The hospitality would not be appreciated as they toss the gender fluid off the rooftops of buildings. Maybe it will take that to open the eyes of the evil in these protestors.

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