VIDEO: CA Law Driving Egg Prices Higher?

“Taxifornia” author James Lacy explains to Fox Business’s Stuart Varney how a California law could drive up the prices of eggs. Also discussed is the state’s potential mileage fee for drivers.

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  1. Another case of Gobernment intervention in the free market.
    As they say, Don’t worry, the Government is here to help you????

  2. Talking about Eggs!

    I went to my favorite smart discount market yesterday to get Eggs… Extra Large Eggs, that I have been buying there for YEARS!
    The Extra Large Eggs, 18/box used to cost around $3.36 /box.

    Yesterday, they were NOT even SELLING ANY Extra Large Eggs!
    Large eggs was the largest egg they had in the store!
    Apparently they cannot lay Extra Large eggs in their New Crowded environment!?
    … and, on top of that, a box of 18 Large eggs cost $5.19!
    … a box of 18 Extra Large eggs used to cost $3.36! an increase of 55% not to mention the LOSS of the SIZE difference!!

    This is a royal SHAM…

    On top of that, most of the pictures I have seen, the chickens are more crowded than ever OUTSIDE their cages of yesteryear… a real SICK SIGHT!

    When is California going to get their DAMN HEADS on STRAIGHT?!

    The DAMN legislature is driving EVERYONE OUT of the state!!
    Losing more & more of their Tax Base!

    Their brains are working OVERTIME… It’s time they took a VERY LONG VACATION… and meet only Once a MONTH from NOW ON!
    … and, of course, DROP their salaries accordingly!!

    Please California… go back to the way it used to be…
    … a wonderful FREE California without all of the RIDICULOUS regulations & taxes! …

    Don’t have the money to pay the Pie in the Sky Union Pensions?
    BAN the damn Unions and Take our State back to were We The People run it instead of the money grubbing Unions! The Unions will not be happy until the State literally goes Bankrupt because of running out of people & money!

    Ban ALL UNIONS from ALL Governments in the State!

    We all would be better off!

    Thank you!

  3. Raise your own chickens. The eggs are better, cheaper and the birds eat lots of bugs (and if you lose your chewing gum in the coop, there are lots of replacements).

    • Raise your own chickens and then you know what they eat and you can have 5 or 6 chickens in a very small space. This law is another government taking over your life!!!

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