VIDEO: CA Spending $33 Million to Remove Birds from Bridge

“Taxifornia” author James Lacy discusses the massive sums of money California is spending to remove birds from blocking Bay Bridge.

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  1. HANK de Carbonel says

    I can fix this problem for, um 17 million dollars. Fixed price, no enviro lawsuits not one. I can get the job done in days.

  2. How dufus —-stupid —-When the place is gone they naturally find another place to roost. BIRDS DO THAT! You can count on the politicians to pull a stunt like this so they can slip around and increase their personal coffers.

  3. HANK de Carbonel says

    Yup you’re right. Okay here it is for free.
    Leave one vertical tower ,any one. Put a wind generator on the top, let it killl the birds, think he greens will protest? Not a chance. Please tell me where to send the invoice. One dumb idea follows another.

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