VIDEO: James Lacy — Why CA Gas Prices Remain Sky-High

James Lacy, author of Taxifornia, explains to Fox Business’ Stuart Varney how CA’s over-the-top environmental regulations cause the state’s gas prices to soar above the rest of the nation.

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  1. It is the likes of Steyer that has piled regulation upon regulation onto the well-to-nozzle stream of oil-products production/marketing, to the point that taxes upon a single gallon of gasoline result in more revenue to the various levels of government than gross profit to Big Oil – and that doesn’t even take into account the regulatory costs involved, which in many cases drive up the tax take as it increases the Sales Tax imposed at the gas-pump.

  2. The California electorate votes straight Democrat because it’s “the working man’s party.” Try to tell them the price of gasoline is all taxes and they don’t believe you. The I.Q. of a typical Demo is about 70 (moron) and there is no changing them.

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