When Will the Legislature Vote on California Reparations?

Next Thursday, California’s first-in-the-nation task force on reparations plans to hand over to the state Legislature its extensive report and recommendations for how to compensate eligible Black Californians for the enduring harms of slavery. 

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As historic a moment it may be, it won’t mean advocates of reparations have crossed the finish line. 

Lawmakers will then have to decide which of the task force’s recommendations they want to turn into bills for consideration. Those bills will then have to be voted on by the Assembly and Senate, and if approved, sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom to be signed into law or vetoed. And all that may not happen until next year. 

“For the most part, chances are there will not be legislation produced this legislative year,” state Sen. Steven Bradford — a Democrat from Gardena, task force member and vice chairperson of the Legislative Black Caucus — told CalMatters on Wednesday. 

“The recommendations will probably come in the form of a bill that will be introduced probably at its earliest in December of this year and it will move through the process in the next legislative cycle,” he said. 

After more than two years, hundreds of hours of public meetings and thousands of pages of public documents, the centerpiece of the task force’s recommendations is economic modeling for how the state can calculate how much each eligible Black Californian may be owed

Economists estimate eligible Black residents may be owed a total of more than $800 billion for decades of over-policing, disproportionate incarceration and housing discrimination. The $800 billion is more than two-and-a-half times the total spending in California’s $300 billion-plus annual budget

That price tag has been met with a cold response from other lawmakers and Newsom, who signed the law creating the task force. Very few lawmakers have spoken in favor of the task force’s recommendations and Newsom’s office continues to say the governor is waiting for the final report to be released.  

Bradford has floated the idea of diverting 0.5% of the state’s annual budget to generate a $1.5 billion annuity to fund reparations programs and payments over time.

“To their defense, in a sense, many are saying ‘We’re waiting for the final report,’ which will be out next week. And then we’ll see where our real allies are at, after that,” Bradford said. 

According to the Department of Justice, the final report is expected to look nearly identical to the draft of the final report that the task force approved at its last meeting in May, which is already available online

The task force’s final meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. Thursday in the first floor auditorium in the March Fong Eu Secretary of State building in the 1500 block of 11th Street. 

Reparations calculator: CalMatters has created an interactive tool to estimate how much someone might be owed in reparations for slavery and racism. Look it up herewatch a TikTok about it, see it on Instagram and read the full story from Wendy Fry of CalMatters’ California Divide team.

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  1. This is just a ruse to buy votes. How can you justify giving an enormous amount of money to a group that was never slaves? They expect people that never owned slaves or believed in slavery to pay? Ridiculous!

    • I think this is SO STUPID. There is NO ONE that is still alive deserving of ANY reparations. ANY. Those claiming is a joke. AND, how do you prove, or what are the parameters to even make sense to apply for it? What about the mixed ethnicities, and the blended families that are to be eligible? What ya gonna do DNA testing on every one of them, and how to you prove ANY of it? Even the possible families who might deserve it, who aren’t here anymore, how do you do their DNA? Record keeping was pretty nonexistent back then. AND California was NOT a slave state. THough the fools keep glossing over that MINOR detail! What a joke. Get a job, heal thyself, and pay your taxes.

  2. Bogiewheel says

    Of course, all the welfare monies spent over the years for the “disadvantaged” should also be considered and deducted from any Reparation “Entitlement”.

  3. Donald J. says

    So if reparations are paid will there be no more “Oh poor Me” or will this just be in addition to the damage the LBJ program did to the minorities?

  4. LOL…These dumb ass Blacks really think they are going to get millions….LOL…..California WAS NOT EVEN A SLAVE STATE….The COURTS WILL BLOCK EVERY PENNY!!!!!!……HEY BLACKS I had THREE relatives that died fighting for your freedom that I can prove with Ancestry.com….three relatives died fighting FOR YOUR FREEDOM….I’LL tell you what…”WHAT EVER YOU GET JUST TIMES MINE BY “THREE”….WHEN CAN I EXPECT MY CHECK..??????

  5. Liberal (communist) judges, Max, so of course it will pass!!

    Agree on welfare monies deducted, but you know that’s not going to happen. It’s been 50 years since high school days when a young black person in the back of the room indicated she would be on welfare with a bunch of babies in the next ten years after the teacher asked, “Where will you be in 10-yrs after graduating?” The system has been raped by the no-do-gooders way before this question was asked! As usual, no accountability for taxpayers dollars. What would the government do if millions of law abiding hard worker citizens stopped paying taxes…. a good way for a revolution to show discontent with out the use of weapons!!!

    Shame on this scram! No matter who in the 1700-1800’s. hundreds had slavery issues white/black/Asian, so shouldn’t we ALL receive reparation?

  6. Perfect representation of California socialist Democrat dysfunction. Billions in debt and trying to figure out how to tax and spend even more. Argentina all over again.

  7. JLSegull says

    My 8great (gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr)-grandfather; a Scottish Prisoner Of War, was transported from Scotland to Massachusetts by Oliver Cromwell in 1651 and sold into a six-year indenture (the equivalent of slavery). Can I qualify for reparations? After all, the 14th Amendment prevents discrimination based on race.

  8. JLSeagull says

    My 8great (gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr)-grandfather; a Scottish Prisoner Of War, was transported from Scotland to Massachusetts by Oliver Cromwell in 1651 and sold into a six-year indenture (the equivalent of slavery). Can I qualify for reparations? After all, the 14th Amendment prevents discrimination based on race.

  9. Dr. Trent Saxton says

    It’s just as absurd as paying the decedent’s of those “whites” that lost their fathers and sons, fighting to free the blacks from slavery. California’s Legislature is “certifiably” nuts.

  10. Spot-on Dr. Saxton!!!

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