Will Bay Area political crowd trump LA yet again?

Gavin newsomIt’s been a fait accompli that Gavin Newsom, the former San Francisco mayor and current lieutenant governor, will be California’s next governor after the iconic Jerry Brown heads off into the sunset next year. Moonbeam is a hard act to follow, having served as the state’s youngest and oldest chief executive, but it’s too bad California can’t at least muster a feisty and contentious political debate before crowning another Bay Area pol as successor.

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You know, where politicians actually debate issues, take varying political stances and give voters a choice rather than a coronation.

It’s hard to understand Southern California’s inability to exert much clout at the highest levels of California government. Brown is from Oakland. U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, the former state attorney general who got here start under the tutelage of former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, already is touted as the inevitable Democratic nominee for president.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, whose slim accomplishments certainly are on par with those of Harris, is mostly garnering skepticism for his possible presidential run. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is from Marin County and Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon is, of course, from Los Angeles, but he’s too busy dealing with an unfolding sexual-harassment scandal in his own chamber to have the time for a serious shot at her U.S. Senate seat.

De Leon and the low-key Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount, have the top legislative spots, but they’ve mostly rubberstamped the governor’s priorities. No one would suggest that either man is a true power broker – or is on the fast track to the governor’s mansion or the U.S. Capitol. There’s little doubt that Southern California politicians play second fiddle to their Bay Area counterparts and don’t even put up a fuss about it.

They rarely set an agenda that’s distinct from the one set by their Bay Area betters, so perhaps that explains why a region with so many people can’t seem to keep up with the power of an area that’s far less populous. San Francisco Democrats and Los Angeles ones are both progressive – but their priorities should not be interchangeable. The demographics and economies are vastly different between the state’s two megalopolises.

The latest Public Policy Institute of California poll offers some mixed news for Southlanders. For instance, Newsom’s latest lead is far lower than expected. He is favored by 23 percent of surveyed voters, with former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, also a Democrat, coming in a surprisingly close second at 18 percent. The other contenders, including the two lackluster Republicans (John Cox and Travis Allen), are in single digits. With the top-two primary system, the top two vote-getters face off in the general election even if they are from the same party.

In the Senate race, Feinstein is besting de Leon by a two-to-one margin, and around half of the voters surveyed had never even heard of de Leon, which is perfectly understandable given his underwhelming tenure in the Capitol. De Leon did throw a really cool $50,000 party at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2014 to celebrate his inauguration as Senate president pro tempore, but apparently the “glitz-fest,” as the Sacramento Bee called it, didn’t help any lasting name identification.

On the surface, Villaraigosa’s competitiveness in the gubernatorial race does offer hope that a Southern California politician could once again lead the state. But don’t get your hopes up. He admirably has taken on the teachers’ unions to advance school reform, but he also touched the third rail of politics, when he called for “changes” to 1978’s property-tax-limiting Proposition 13. Instituting a “split roll,” for instance, would dramatically increase the tax bill paid by commercial property owners.

This is more than a policy problem. Villaraigosa’s path to the governor’s mansion involves rallying Southern Californians, Latinos and remaining conservative and Republican-oriented voters. The latter comprise a falling 26 percent of voters, but it’s a significant enough block to create a path to victory. But attacking Prop. 13 tax protection is a nonstarter for that group.

Last November, former Orange County Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez seemed to embrace a similar political strategy (Latinos, mod Dems, Southern Californians, Republicans) to take on Harris for the U.S. Senate race, but despite her more moderate positions, her Latina background and SoCal credentials, Sanchez could only muster 38 percent of the vote. Unless, Villaraigosa expands his appeal, he is likely to face a similar fate.

“It looks just like the Harris race that it’s preordained that the candidate from the Bay Area will get the position rather than a qualified Latino candidate from Southern California,” said Alan Clayton, a San Gabriel Valley-based redistricting expert. “The political class in California protects its own, and they are significantly from the Bay Area.”

For Southern Californians to have a greater voice in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., Southern California Democrats have to speak with a more regional voice – one that focuses on public-sector reform, fiscal responsibility and on working-class concerns (jobs, housing, etc.) rather than the often-bizarre fixations of San Francisco liberals. Until then, expect a county that’s more populous than 40 other states to remain the lapdog to the Bay Area political establishment.

Steven Greenhut is a Sacramento-based writer. 

This article was originally published by Fox and Hounds Daily


  1. retiredxlr8r says

    Welcome to the Extra Large State size Chicago!
    California, financially broke and politically corrupt.
    There is no question about the fact that California financially qualifies for bankruptcy and politically is socialism with heavy leanings toward communism.
    Tyranny is being incubated in this state and needs to be squashed before it spreads epidemically throughout the rest of America.
    Pay attention Californians, if you vote the status quo you will be signing up for your own chains and slavery called taxes and regulations.

    Any twosome Newsom is NOT for the Citizen, he is for Gavin, period!

  2. kris slaght says

    What a phony, liberal biased, racist, pro illegal mexican diatribe crap article this.

  3. Bull shit— harris is skank and newsome is oldsome and feinberger is ready for rest home–the rest of the people are illegals and baldy will be run over with a lawnmower in his backyard at the monastery–need some one from another party to save CA

  4. Californians are tired of the political climate-Progressives have absolutely no since of reason and conscience, NONE, smallmansyndrome Jerry has been horrifying and damaged this state to it’s very core. Taxing us to the breaking point without care. His Alinsky Nudging-Pushing and Shoving has become boring and his “Ends Justify the Means” demeanor is disgusting… as for Kamala I do so hope that cheater and Progressive Female Obama does run the rest of the Country is not as sad and stupid as the nipple pinching “Look at Me Folks” that California has the misfortune of enduring day after day.

  5. What a difficult decision to make. Should I choose a Leninist or a Trotskyite?

  6. Mr. Pickle says

    Well, as some say Newsom is in the bag.. I disagree. I am of the opinion that Ca folks, D/R/DTS, etc., is flat fed up with continued tax increases like fuel and DMV, and now the rumblings of a per mile fuel tax – may just be the last straw for financial conservative Dems. At least I hope so.. Also the folks in rural counties that are getting HUGE home owners insurance price hikes and the ever more creative FEES (read tases) slip in for the low education voters which the D folks prey upon. Perhaps the lunatic Pelosi (WHAT an embarasment to this state!) and here 3rd grade comments, let alone the sanctuary city SF murder illegal trespasser that walked because of SF mindsets, will force many to get a reality check about what is happening in this broken state. God only knows why that continue to vote based on radio and tv ads, and have NO clue what they are voting for……….. Grrr. One can only hope that what is going on in DC will rub off on them. One cannot argue with where we were a year ago, and what we have today. As I have said many times, we as a state ARE BROKE and the piper is at the door. So chase the rats our of the Legislature and Administration………. Do we really want a SF resident to run this state in the ground? I think NOT!

    • Well It has become my considered opinion that Jerry Brown was NEVER LEGALLY ELECTED in the first place. While I am not and have never been a Demoncrap , I was born and raised here in the once Great state of California. I believe that Jerry brown was elected both by a rigged voting system and willingly allowing Foreign Nationals to vote and decide the future of an American state.
      This is a clear act of TREASON committed the Demoncrapic party and I hope to find the names of many of these worthless pigs among the sealed indictments that are being served.
      I would like to be fair so I agree that , after being convicted , they should have their choice between a firing squad and a hangman’s noose . That is , as long as the first choice has been removed.

  7. How is it that amidst all the denunciations of Male Politicos behaving badly, that ole Gravid Nuisance still gets a free pass from the bought and paid for ‘free press’/
    IF Having an affair while Mayor with a Married Female Subordinate with an admitted “Substance Abuse” problem (no word on whether Nuisance Shared in said Abusive Substances) is not enough; how about the added scandal of doing his Campaign Manager’s Wife???
    Where is the lamesteam media on this one, or is Gravid’s trashing of Marriage simply a permanent get out of jail free card?

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