1 killed, 3 Injured in East Oakland Shootout During Attempted Brink’s Truck Robbery

One person was killed and three were injured Friday afternoon in a shootout during the attempted robbery of a Brink’s security truck in East Oakland, police and witnesses said.

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The attempted robbery occurred around 2 p.m. in the parking lot of a NAPA Auto Parts store on the 4400 block of International Boulevard and left one Brink’s employee injured at the scene and an apparent would-be robber dead, police and witnesses said. Two more people transported themselves to a hospital with injuries, including one whom police described as an innocent bystander.

As of Saturday afternoon, the wounded people who sustained gunshot wounds remained in stable condition, said a spokesperson for the Oakland Police Department.

Two people who said they witnessed the violence described the scene to The Chronicle. Robbers made their move on the Brink’s truck after one security guard entered the NAPA Auto Parts store, leaving one guard with the truck, said Rafael Barrazos, who sells used cars on International Boulevard and was walking across the bustling street near a taco truck when the shooting began.

“They waited till one of the guards was by himself,” Barrazos said. “The guns started going off right after. The way the bullets were flying I told everyone getting tacos to get down, and it felt like the bullets were going above our heads.”

When the gunfire ended, two people were lying on the ground — the person police said was killed was down besides the Brink’s truck, and the Brink’s guard went down in the roadway on International, just outside the parking lot where the truck was parked.

Barrazos said he saw an injured, shirtless man run from 44th Avenue toward the person lying next to the Brink’s truck, grab what appeared to be a gun from the victim, then jump into a white Toyota Rav-4 that fled the scene.

Oakland resident Elizabeth, who wished to be identified only by her first name, said the violence erupted as she was taking her daily walk down International between 44th and 45th avenues.

“I saw one man and then another — both with masks,” Elizabeth told The Chronicle, adding that the shooting renewed feelings of anxiety. “You can’t take your kids out when you like, you can’t put any jewelry on — it’s just gotten out of control here in our neighborhood.”

Before first responders arrived on the scene, a crowd of people tried to help the injured Brink’s worker, a scene captured on video posted on social media. A body could be seen lying next to the Brink’s truck.

Arriving officers pronounced the victim next to the truck dead at the scene, police said. The Brink’s worker was rushed to the hospital, police said. Two other men arrived to a local hospital separately, also with gunshot wounds, police added. One of those was an innocent bystander who had been struck by gunfire, police said.

At least 21 markers indicated bullet casings at the scene.

“We know that there was a white vehicle that was involved in this incident occupied by several individuals,” Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said at the scene in a video posted by KTVU. Armstrong said the department is looking for video of the people in an attempt to identify them.

A person who answered the phone at the NAPA Auto Parts store declined to discuss the shooting and hung up.

A spokesperson for Brink’s said the company is aware of the incident and working with law enforcement but couldn’t provide any additional information. The company is a worldwide security powerhouse with more than 16,000 security vehicles. Some employees are armed with weapons to guard money and valuables during transport.

“It’s been a tough week in the city of Oakland,” Armstrong said. “We have seen several homicides this week. We ask the community to continue to help get rid of the guns that plague our community.”

The shooting marked Oakland’s 92nd homicide of the year, he said.

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  1. robert LOWRY says

    Interesting, Armstrong said ” We ask the community to continue to help get rid of the guns that plague our community.” How is it that an inanimate object can plague a community? If the gun was at home locked in a safe would it still be able to plague? What about getting rid of the criminals?

  2. I’m just glad that there weren’t a bunch of people killed it or some people killed that is that the Brinks driver will recover from his injuries. That said. Quit blaming the damn guns. That’s not your friggin problem people this is idiots that you keep turning, loose the criminals The illegal aliens and God knows who else come across our border committing these crimes you have nobody to blame but yourselves and your government the people you voted into office for creating this mess. It’s your damn fault you created this mess, plain and simple quit blaming the gun. That’s not your problem . It’s a criminal problem and you keep turning them loose without bail or anything else just turn them loose so I don’t feel sorry for a few people at all. Quit blaming the gun that’s not your problem it’s a criminal you turn loose they’re the ones creating a problem not the gun that they’re using Get rid of the criminal problem solved. Maybe we ought to start with George Soros and all those people he helped get elected by giving them money that’s part of your problem get rid of them as well. Start having public executions of these criminals like they did back in the western time that might help solve the problem to But quit blaming the gun. That’s not your problem I’m done with my rant.

  3. How about you get the criminals off the street in jail where they belong?? A gun is a tool. The gun is not the problem. All the criminals they will not charge and throw in jail or prison is the problem.

  4. Protect Freedom says

    ” it’s just gotten out of control here in our neighborhood.”

    Let me guess. You vote for Democrats.

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