200,000 California Drivers Set to Lose Clean-Air Carpool Decals

carpool-laneFor some California commuters, cutting down on carbon emissions isn’t a sexy enough reason to buy an electric car. But the ability to bypass freeway traffic without having to carpool — that’s another story.

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So there is grumbling in high-occupancy-vehicle lanes across California these days. On Jan. 1, the owners of as many as 220,000 low- and zero-emission vehicles stand to lose the white and green clean-air decals that allow them to drive solo in the diamond lanes.

The decal program was designed to get more clean-air vehicles on state roadways. But it also clogged the lanes, sometimes to the point of gridlock.

So the state Legislature passed a measure last year that significantly limits the number of people eligible for these decals. As of New Year’s Day, drivers who received their clean-air stickers before 2017 will have to buy new vehicles to qualify for the program. And some who earn above a certain amount won’t be eligible for the stickers at all. …

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  1. If it pleases the King, may I please pay extra to drive on part of the road I have already paid to drive on?

  2. Oh, these precious snowflakes are finding out that they’re not all that precious.

  3. Maybe THIS will finally wake up the masses to the insanity of the Democrats they’ve been electing for 50 years…

    #VoteRed people!!! Take back California!!!

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