Adam Schiff breaks his Fox News boycott

Schiff, a Burbank Democrat, has started running TV ads on Fox News to supercharge his U.S. Senate campaign.

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California Rep. Adam Schiff has used his perch as a hero of the MAGA resistance to implore advertisers to boycott Fox News.

Now a candidate for the Senate, Schiff is violating his own entreaty. On Saturday, the Burbank Democrat will begin running TV ads on Fox.

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Schiff’s ad buy is the latest in his deluge of spending to fortify his frontrunner status in the March 5 primary, and, possibly even clear a path to the Senate.

Schiff has spent millions to promote Republican Steve Garvey and box out fellow Democrat Katie Porter. A pro-Schiff super PAC also is running ads on Fox News intended to boost Garvey.

But the Schiff ads run counter to his boycott plea just last year as part of a sweeping indictment of the network’s brass and hosts as “shameful.” Schiff at the time said his boycott applied to Fox News and all other “stations that deliberately put out lies and deliberately undermine our elections.”

Schiff’s decision to steer his donations to Fox is an acknowledgement that the potential Garvey voters he’s hoping turn out in the primary are squarely in the network’s target demographics. A Schiff campaign spokesperson did not directly address the boycott, but defended his decision to spend money on Fox.

“It’s important for California voters — no matter what TV channel they tune into — to know what’s at stake in this election,” Marisol Samayoa told POLITICO. “We’ll continue to bring our message to voters across the Golden State.”

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  1. CHEAP and CHEAT words are the usual use by the ‘ Political Politician ‘ these days. What is the old saying…. Talking out both sides of the mouth!!!! Hope they all burn in H*LL!!

  2. VOTE NO ON SCHIFT (for brains!)

  3. George Miller says

    What makes that lying lunatic think than many, if any, Fox viewers would vote for him?

  4. I have enjoyed seeing as little as possible of this politician who lives in a realty devoid from the trust. I pray that Californians see the damage he and others have done to California.

  5. Schiff is, put simply, an idiot.

    UNFIT for service as a Senator.

  6. He must be getting worried.

    His blocking docs. that stopped the Trump investigation and destroyed the Dem. should have him in jail.

    But not in the State of Kalif.

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