California Demands Trump, Congress Apologize to Illegal Aliens

border fence mexico immigrationCalifornia state legislators passed a resolution Thursday calling on Congress to formally apologize, and for President Donald Trump to join them in acknowledging wrongdoing in separating illegal alien family units at the border.

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State Senators Kevin de León, Richard Pan, and Scott Wiener authored the joint resolution that was scheduled for debate, and passed on Thursday. KPBS reported just three legislators opposed — Joel Anderson, Mike Morrell, and Jim Nielsen — while 29 approved it, and eight didn’t vote.

The California Senate resolution calls on Congress to specifically apologize to the children separated from the adult foreign nationals who illegally brought them across the U.S. border. It also petitions Congress and President Trump to acknowledge wrongdoing in separating illegal alien adults and children.

The resolution describes the policy of separating foreign nationals who have crossed the border illegally as “detrimental.” De León described the separations as “government-sanctioned kidnapping.”

“They created the problem, they need to fix the problem and make sure there is clear accountability,” de León proclaimed in the California Senate resolution, according to the report. “We should apologize to these children we have permanently harmed,” said Sen. Pan. Pan compared family separation to U.S. WWII internment of Japanese citizens.

The 1997 Flores settlement under President Bill Clinton dictated that children could not be detained more than 20 days. That policy continued to exist under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Due to the pre-existing policy, President Trump’s no tolerance border security policy resulted in separation of illegal alien adults held for crossing the border illegally,from children they brought over with them. …

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  1. vistacharlie says

    As a California citizen i apologize. I apologize for my bad political so called representatives who have tried to damage California and the US by trying to make them into third world socialist republics. i apologize for them breaking the law and not cooperating with ICE, for the national guard not being called out in force to defend the borders. i apologize for letting and encouraging illegal aliens to swamp this country and allowing the drug cartel, criminals and terrorists into this nation via CA. we need to remove the illegal voters and voting laws that favor the socialist democratic party. can we get some help from the feds on this, otherwise the lunacy will continue and get worse.

  2. I would like to apologize as well . I am sorry that Mexicans committing a CRIMINAL ACT CHOSE TO MAKE THEIR CHILDREN A PART OF THAT CRIME. I am sorry that , the federal government does not come here to California , arrest and jail those State government Political figures who are attempting to overthrow the government here and convert the the State of California to a Socialist , New world order that the citizens have no free will or rights under the law and they have absolute power. I could go on for hours.

  3. Renaissance man says

    California is sick, and getting sicker.

  4. Is Englis still the official language of the California Legislature?

  5. Kathy Benudiz says

    I will NEVER apologize for standing up for Law and Order! It is a crime to come into this country illegally or overstay a visa. This is a sovereign nation and we have the Constitutional right to decide who is welcome in this country. The people of the rest of the world have NO RIGHT to come to this country!

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