Amendments end Gov. Newsom’s unease on vaccine bill

Amendments to an emotionally fraught bill designed to crack down on fraudulent vaccine exemptions change the legislation’s focus just two days before a key Assembly committee hearing.

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The bill’s author, Sen. Richard Pan, negotiated the amendments after Gov. Gavin Newsom expressed reservations about shifting too much power to state bureaucrats. He now says he’ll sign it.

Among the changes:

— Instead of every medical exemption, state health officials would target their reviews to doctors who issue five or more exemptions in a year, and to exemptions at schools where the vaccination rate dips below 95%. …

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  1. us citizen says

    And yet, they are letting illegals in across the border to run amuck among citizens of the US, that have NO immunizations for anything.

  2. The Captive says

    Don’t tell me that they want to keep kids healthy . They let the disease ridden ILLEGALS in for the EXACT purpose of infecting the citizens here. The ILLEGALS and their diseases need to sit in the CA assembly right next to the traitor Pelousy and conduct this experiment as to HOW long it takes to infect the CA ASSEMBLY. That seems a more worthwhile thing to do than to infect those who ACTUALLY PAY THE TAXES to not have this filth coming into CA!

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