Answers demanded after vets’ disability claims found in cabinet

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle:

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One number will hang over a congressional hearing Wednesday looking into mismanagement at a U.S. Veterans Affairs regional office in Oakland: 13,184.

That’s the number of compensation and disability claims that were found in 2012, wrongfully stashed in a filing cabinet — some dating to the mid-1990s and many unprocessed. But what the number represents remains the source of fierce debate.

Employees who came forward about the claims say it’s the number of veterans whose much-needed benefits may have been delayed, or not paid altogether, because of what they described as organized negligence that continued even after the cabinet was emptied. …

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  1. It’s so frustrating that those disability claims were stashed into a filing cabinet and were never looked at. I hope that they’ll be able to make this right with the veterans who filed the disability claims. What was the result of the congressional hearing?

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