Apple headed for showdown over San Bernardino shooter’s phone

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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Apple’s refusal to help the FBI access information from the retrieved cell phone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook sets up a long-brewing confrontation between Silicon Valley and members of Congress including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California’s senior senator.

Apple’s rejection of a court order demanding the company unlock the phone represents a pivotal crossroads in a growing debate over digital privacy versus security and is likely to determine whether law enforcement can access data that increasingly is being encrypted.

The outcome of the battle also will have implications not only for the growing use of cell phones in business transactions but for the ability of foreign governments such as China to pry into the personal lives of their citizens, analysts of the dispute said. …

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  1. The chairman of the intelligence committee is an idiot. He makes it sound like all apple has to do is whip out a key and stick it in a single padlock. Apple has very carefully over a long period of time created software that cannot be hacked and he seems to think they can wave a magic wand and hack something designed to be un hackable. Not to mention that it would open almost all the locks out there and it could not be kept secret for any length of time .

  2. I say CONGRESS needs to CLEAN UP it’s act first. THEY need to FOLLOW the CONSTITUTION to the letter. The Bill of Rights first 10 Amendments speaks to the government specifically. SO until congress SECURES OUR BORDERS, DEPORTS ILLEGALS and FINDS those PAST DUE VISA FOLKS. They can stuff it.

  3. OH, and how about HRC & SECURITY. Nope, Apple is right.. because until HRC is indicted Congress is really just blowing smoke. Remember SHE IS UNDER THE LAW TOO. PLUS she was a SECURITY RISK to the ENTIRE COUNTRY with her private server. SNOWDON charges should be dropped as well. He alerted all of us to the CRIMINAL ACTIVITY against WE THE PEOPLE.

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