Ballot Measure: Docking Pay of Suspended CA Lawmakers

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News:

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SACRAMENTO — California voters will decide in June whether to allow state lawmakers to revoke their colleagues’ pay following the Legislature’s 2014 ethics crisis that saw three senators put on leave as they faced felony allegations.

Proposition 50 is the only statewide measure on California’s June 7 ballot, but has drawn little attention and reaped no cash in support or opposition — in stark contrast to high-profile primary races this election cycle.

The proposal asks voters to amend the state constitution to give two-thirds of a chamber’s members the power to suspend their peers with or without pay. Its passage would signify voters approve of recent suspensions made under rules lawmakers wrote for themselves. …

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  1. The biggest problem with this whole thing is it says they can do it not they have to do it. The idea that bigots begone uses that it is a gross violation of due process is silly. if a cop does something wrong he will be suspended with or without pay. If he is arrested for a crime he is suspended without pay. In the private sector if you are arrested you have a good chance of being fired. These are our elected officials, our public servants. They should be held to a higher standard of ethics than anyone else. If they are arrested they should immediately be suspended without pay. No vote. Just do it. If they are convicted they should be fired with loss of all pension except for anything they put in to the pension plus interest. With no appeal and never be able to hold any govt job again even as a contractor.

  2. What would happen if the Democrats obtain a 2/3 majority again and decide to punish all conservatives?

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