Berkeley approves 25-cent fee on disposable cups

Discarded cups in a garbage container seen Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019, in Berkeley, Calif. Berkeley has approved a 25-cent tax on disposable cups city officials say is part of an effort to eliminate restaurant waste. The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to approve the ordinance that also forces restaurants to provide to-go containers that are compostable by January 2020. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

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Patrons of restaurants and coffee shops in Berkeley, California, who don’t bring a reusable cup for their beverage will have to pay a 25-cent fee for a disposable cup as part of an ordinance approved by city officials to reduce restaurant waste.

Berkeley’s City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the fee on single-use cups that will take effect January 2020.

“The goal is to transition Berkeley from throwaway to reusable food ware, to incentivize people to bring their own cup,” said Councilwoman Sophie Hahn, who co-authored the ordinance with Mayor Jesse Arreguin.

The ordinance, called Disposable-Free Dining, also requires restaurants to provide takeout containers that are compostable by mid-2020 and to provide only reusable plates and utensils for those eating in. It also says other disposable items, like lids and stirrers, can only be offered when requested. …

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  1. California is nuttier by the day.

  2. If you are paying 5 bucks for a cup of coffee the two bits add on is chump change. HOHUM Congrats Berkley, more free tax money to waste.

  3. This BS is brought to you by the same hooligans who brought you the BIG PLASTIC BAG FIASCO. I notice you still can get plastic bags in the grocery, only they cost you a dime. The payoff was so lucrative in this particular act of Legislative malfeasance that the thugs on the No on plastic side even went so far as to pay people to release plastic bags loose in the wind just so you could see plastic bags blowing around as you drove down the street. Haven’t seen a plastic bag blowing down the street lately, have you?

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