Big Change in Proposition 13 Could Be Headed To Ballot

Voting BoothsCalifornia’s largest companies could find themselves paying an additional $11 billion a year in property taxes under a ballot measure that would dramatically revise the state’s tax-cutting Proposition 13.

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Schools and Communities First, a wide-ranging group of community organizations, education advocates, unions and foundations, turned in 860,000 signatures Tuesday that would put that initiative on the November 2020 state ballot.

Under Prop. 13, all California property, residential and commercial, is reassessed only when it is sold. Houses and condominiums, however, can turn over every few years, while many large businesses occupy their land for decades — meaning some have not had property reassessed since Prop. 13 passed 40 years ago.

The proposed ballot measure calls for a split tax roll that would require commercial and industrial property — but not homes and small businesses — to be regularly reassessed and taxed at their full value. …

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  1. Harry Tawkko says

    It will only hasten the exodus of business from CA. Other states are waiting with open arms.

  2. People say “don’t tax us….but it’s ok to tax businesses”. But what are businesses? ITS WHERE WE WORK. If businesses have to send more money to the state, that is less money for employees and salaries and raises! Stop this government money grab!!!!

    • Businesses don’t pay taxes, they collect taxes from the customers….
      something that no Progressive Democrat Socialist has ever realized.

  3. Watch the caring feelers pass this crap and then cry & whine when their employment opportunities dry up…

    California is a lost cause…

    Surprise me & make me eat my words….

    Otherwise, I’m glad we’re gone and not affected by this stupid idea…

  4. “Socialism is a great thing, until you run out of other people’s money”.

    These communist nincompoops in Sacramento still think they can tax us to prosperity, while every sane person is leaving this one-party state.

  5. Gregory Brittain says

    The small business exception applies to tangible personal property not real property. There is a separate exemption for business property occupied by the property owner if the owner owns <$2M of property in CA.

    The vast majority of businesses rent their offices or facilities. Their landlords' taxes will increase and the vast majority of commercial leases have pass thru terms so the small businesses will pay the higher taxes.

    • Bogiewheel says

      This is just the beginning……..Wait until you sell your home and find that the Liberal Cabal in Sacramento has placed a “exist” fee (tax) on the sale of your property if you move to another State.

    • Bogiewheel says

      Gregory ………..””The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2018″
      This is the same old “Our Schools are in need of funding because prop 13 has vastly reduced our income”

  6. give an inch and a mile will be taken, homes will be next as there is never enough. suppose more taxes are taken, will they go towards the promise? rhetorical question i know.

  7. us citizen says

    blah blah blah……….first its business, then next it will be homeowners. You can guarantee it. If the govt can take an inch, you know they will take a foot.

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