Bill making CA a sanctuary state is approved Senate committee

Opportunistic California Democrats are presenting bills to refute the recent immigration executive orders of President Donald J. Trump, to protect Americans.

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kevin de leon 2Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, the author of Senate Bill 54, says that ”immigrants are valuable and essential members of the California community” and all attempts to enforce immigration laws create fear of the police among “immigrant community members” who fear “approaching police when they are victims of, and witnesses to, crimes.”

Despite the wave of refugees coming to the United States from Syria and Iraq under the Obama administration, California Democrats are denying national security issues, in favor of political opportunism. California is home to the largest illegal-alien population in the country, with 35 sanctuary cities. President-elect Trump has vowed to build a border wall and deport immigrants that have a criminal record, which he estimates to be two-three million.

Several bills authored by Senate Democrats in the California State Legislature are meant to be a thumb in the eye of President Donald J. Trump over immigration laws.

SB6 by Sen. Ben Hueso would create a state program to fund legal representation for illegal aliens facing deportation, and AB3 by Assemblyman Rob Bonta would create taxpayer-funded training for defense attorneys and public defenders on immigration law for illegal aliens.

The third bill, SB54 by Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Kevin de León, heard Tuesday in the Senate Public Safety Committee, seeks to restrict local police and sheriffs from working with federal immigration enforcers. SB54 prohibits law enforcement from responding to federal requests for notification when a jail houses someone who might be the subject of an immigration enforcement action. Whether the immigrants are here legally or not, and whether they have committed crimes in the United States, this bill effectively prohibits communications between local law enforcement and federal authorities.

SB54 specifically prohibits almost all cooperation and communication with federal immigration authorities.

Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Kevin de León and California Democrats essentially want to bar state and local resources from being used for immigration enforcement. De León said Tuesday the cost to California to help U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detail suspected illegal immigrants is $65 million.

Proponents of SB54 claimed the Trump administration’s executive order is just more racial profiling, and California’s long-standing history of welcoming immigrants overrides illegal immigration enforcement.

Concerned about releasing criminal illegal aliens back into society, Sen. Jeff Stone, R- Temecula, asked repeatedly for assurances that the bill would not allow this. “When we have dangerous felons, undocumented felons, in prison, should they NOT be deported and prosecuted under the law?” Stone asked de León. Stone said he was concerned they will be released back into communities and cause heinous crimes, similar to what happened to Kate Steinle, who was murdered by a five-time deported criminal illegal alien.

Stone said the bill was making California a sanctuary state, if passed in its virgin form. Stone tried to get de León to agree to an amendment regarding criminal illegal aliens, but de León resisted.

“The bill decouples criminal acts from immigration statute,” de León said. “It doesn’t stop ICE from doing their job,” dodging the question.

Stone questioned de León again, asking if he would “be supportive of any amendment to allow local law enforcement to pick up dangerous criminal immigrants.”

“It’s not necessary,” de León said. “There is nothing stopping ICE from getting the individual.”

Another dodge from Stone’s question, splitting hairs. Stone asked if local law enforcement would be able to assist ICE only in cases of criminal illegal aliens, and de León replied, there is nothing stopping ICE from doing this – no mention of local law enforcement assistance.

“What is particularly alarming is a very false dichotomy, fueled by hyperbole and rhetoric,” said Committee Chairwoman Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley. “All of us wand hardened criminals prosecuted under the law. We are watching now a pitting of the people against each other – of immigrants. That is not right.” Skinner talked again, for the third or fourth time in two days about “easily manipulable fear,” and said “the state of California will not be compliant with authoritarian policies.”

Cynthia Buiza of the California Immigrant Policy Center, a witness at the hearing in support of SB54, launched into an out-of-order editorial, calling Trump’s order “anti-immigrant, zenophobic and propaganda,” explains more from her organization’s website: “The California Values Act answers the ugly slurs of xenophobia with a simple but profound truth: all people are created equal. Against Trump and other forces who seek to demonize and persecute immigrants, the Golden State must embrace and defend our common humanity and deepest values.  Getting law enforcement out of painful deportations, protecting the integrity of public spaces, and rejecting any registry which target Muslims will send a potent message to the nation – and the world.”

From the Bill:

SB-54 would, among other things, prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies and school police and security departments from using resources to investigate, detain, detect, report, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes, or to investigate, enforce, or assist in the investigation or enforcement of any federal program requiring registration of individuals on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or national or ethnic origin, as specified. The bill would require state agencies to review their confidentiality policies and identify any changes necessary to ensure that information collected from individuals is limited to that necessary to perform agency duties and is not used or disclosed for any other purpose, as specified. The bill would require public schools, hospitals, and courthouses to establish and make public policies that limit immigration enforcement on their premises and would require the Attorney General, in consultation with appropriate stakeholders, to publish model policies for use by those entities for those purposes.

SB54 passed the Senate Public Safety Committee along party lines.

This article was originally published by the Flash Report


  1. Andrew Kessel says

    If California Democrats willfully violate federal law, why should the people of California pay any attention to state law?

    • Only because the state executive will make damn sure to inflict pain and suffering on you if you do not accept their sedition.
      The Second Amendment is used as toilet paper by the state justice department. IMO

  2. last person out of this libtard state please turn out the lights

  3. Carolyn OConnor says

    It’s time for concerned citizens against this bill to ask their sheriffs how they will act if the bill passes. If the sheriff is compliant, then it’s time for some recalls as they would be in violation of their duty to protect its citizens and upholding the Consititution.



  5. Teresa Voss says

    Are you against this. Here is the website for the Gov. Office. Please email him and tell him to stop. Tell him what he is doing is illegal, and ask him to stand up for Americans, not illegal aliens.

  6. Brenda Belderol says

    This needs to stop…members of the CA Senate Committee need to be removed and replaced. There are significant numbers of Californians who oppose this egregious bill.

  7. Kevin Deleon and his Family should be in jail, along with all the other illegal aliens. He is the problem!

  8. It’s time that Californians got off their asses, and voted. Most of us have no idea what goes on in Sactemento, but I’ll bet a lot of us know about the NFL stats.

  9. Rudy Seidler says

    suggest they pass this bill ONLY if they make themselves, governor, legislators PERSONALLY accountable & Legally liable for any action of theft or violence against a legal citizen. nice to pass this junk without any accountability . . .

  10. “Bill making CA a sanctuary state is approved Senate committee”

    FEDERAL SEDITION by Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Kevin de León, Sen. Ben Hueso, and Assemblyman Rob Bonta.
    Come on appointee Jeff Sessions!

  11. DR Richard Muccillo says

    these turkeys will be ousted when the feds come in and force them out and baldy will be charged with treason –who the hell does that shit deleon think he is—-shit for brains

  12. I am looking forward to seeing the Democratic legislators caucus and throw a tantrum on the chamber floor.

  13. The result of foreign influence by groups not interested in the US system of government.

    The Socialist / Dem’s have called the shots using the welfare, illegal block of voters that are supported by super liberal anti US groups.

    There is a fight coming……unfortunately the outcome will most likely be the destruction of the average citizen and heavy taxes that will level the economies akin to the depression.

  14. idiots! yea, let’s all assimilate to the criminal life in California.
    That way no one gets offended

  15. As a retired Police Chief I would be interested in knowing what legal actions would be proposed for any law enforcement personnel who DO their sworn duty to enforce the law in “violation” of SB 54. Going to be very interesting if it passes. I can see the law suits, and some deserving cops becoming very wealthy.


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