Breaking Poll: Travis Allen Only Republican Candidate That Can Make Run Off

A new SurveyUSA poll released Thursday confirms that Travis Allen is the clear Republican frontrunner in the race for California Governor. Travis Allen’s support stands at 9%, more than doubles the support of his nearest Republican rival John Cox, who has dropped to 4%. The support for Travis Allen is more than the combined support for his two Republican opponents, John Cox and Doug Ose, who stand at 4% and 2%.

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In even more good news for Travis Allen, he is essentially tied with Villaraigosa, who has 10%, to make the run of against Gavin Newsom.

“This poll shows our message of Taking Back California and Restoring the California Dream is resonating with voters,” said Assemblyman Allen. “The voters know that only an authentic conservative will be able to beat the elites and special interests and make California once again the greatest state in the nation,” finished Allen.


  1. Brenda Torres says

    My Vote is for Travis Allen….Anyone but a Democrat, even Gavin Newsom!!!

  2. Travis Allen! YES
    He has what it takes – sharp, articulate, pleasant, strong posture, and young enough to be inspirational to almost all. Go Travis Allen!
    We’ve got your back!

  3. Travis is great–and Mensa James Woods should be drafted –big grassroots movement trying to persuade him–no more corrupt demonrats

  4. It’s good to see Travis Allen on top. Hopefully his poll numbers will go much higher. People have come to realize that Cox is little more than an Illinois carpetbagger who has never won an election he entered. It would be good if both Cox and Ose would bail out and through their support to Allen. Maybe their supporters will see the trend and which their support to Allen anyway in hopes of insuring he makes it into the final two in next June’s primary.

    • showandtell says

      I contend that Cox and Ose WOULD bail in favor of the highest polling Repub candidate if they truly cared about the future of California. Why on earth should voters support a candidate who isn’t as concerned about California’s future as the voters themselves are?

  5. TheRandyGuy says

    Are you kidding? Republicans are done in CA. It would be best to save the money and use it in some other state than waste it on a candidate that has no chance of winning. Write off CA, because the illegals, the welfare queens, and government dependents have written of the Republicans.

  6. My vote is for Travis Allen. Sharp and will make California great again!!!

  7. Barbara Jensen says

    Travis Allen is the ONE! If we have any hope of taking California back, we need to unite behind the only candidate who can help us do so! And… we need to get Travis’s message and information out so that voters following other candidates can see how terrific Travis is. We need to post all his upcoming events and telephone town halls. We need to gather volunteers for all the Travis teams! All this takes work… hard work! But we CAN do this! We MUST do this! California is too precious to let it go down the tubes. So ARE YOU WITH ME!!!



    • UpChuckLiberals says

      I did my research on both of them months ago. I saw that there was NOTHING on Cox’s site about supporting the 2A. I even asked him about it and….NOTHING. Travis is definitely PRO-2A and has the support of various 2A groups. Stand Travis next to Newsom and he looks good, Cox looks old and washed up. BTW Cox is as old as I am so I can say that.

  9. showandtell says

    So let’s pick one, for heaven’s sake, and support Travis Allen with all our might. No more nonsense — we can’t go on with these silly splits and factions and expect to get anywhere with obstacles like Top Two and the rest of it. And never fear because Travis Allen is a great candidate for California Governor!

  10. showandtell says

    The six gubernatorial candidates appeared at a forum at USC this morning, Jan. 13; video of the event is available at the link below. The action starts at 32:30:

  11. Travis Allen is destined to be our new governor of 2018 just like Donald Trump was destined to be our new leader this is our time now. This is our glory and chance to make our dreams come true. Let’s stand by these warriors and help America win!

  12. Patricia Tighe says

    My family and I are supporting Travis Allen. I’ve seen him twice and he exudes confidence and intelligence. He has a Five Point Plan which will make California Golden Again. He has the tenacity of a fighter and that’s exactly what California needs to turn California around.

  13. carolyn denise barlage says

    Need to get rid of all these LIBERALS.

    REPUBLICAN Travis Allen is now in 2nd Place behind Newsom for governor!

    Latest news shows Travis Allen is the leading Republican candidate now

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