CA nears letting undocumented immigrants buy health care

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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Immigrants living in the country illegally would be allowed to buy health coverage on California’s insurance exchange under a bill that passed the state Assembly on Tuesday.

Already at the forefront of enacting immigrant-friendly policies, California could become the first state permitting immigrants to use the insurance exchanges created by the new federal healthcare law. Senate Bill 10 would have California petition the federal government for the right to do so. Undocumented immigrants using the exchange would not be eligible for the public subsidies that extend to other lower-income shoppers.

The measure passed 54-19, with two Republicans locked in tough re-election campaigns joining every Democrat in voting in favor. The measure now heads to the Senate for a final vote, before advancing to Gov. Jerry Brown.

Earlier in May, California began extending full benefits to undocumented children enrolled in Medi-Cal, the state’s low-income insurance program. …

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  1. Rottweiler says

    Let them buy the crappy insurance and find out what normal American Citizens find. You can buy it but they don’t have to accept it. Ha Ha. At least we can get some money out of their pockets they normally would not spend on their own healthcare. They still come to the ER in droves and pay nothing. Obamacare is essentially Obama’s F/U to our preiously imperfect but much better health care delivery system. He wants a single payor and it will never work with 357 million when only 47% of them work. It is the worst insult to America from an individual who so obviously hates Amercia. He decimated a great system to render us impotent. He has single handedly killed innovation and has made us a laughing stock, a global one at that. I should know I am in medicine and wait until you get a load of what they are up to. I can navigate my way through the system but will you and your loved ones?

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