‘Calexit’ wants to give half of California to Native Americans

A group campaigning for Californian independence now wants to give away half the state to make an ‘autonomous Native American nation’.

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The long-running ‘Calexit’ effort was given the green light to collect the 365,880 signatures needed to get secession on the state’s ballot in November.

Handing over all the federal land in California – the entire eastern half of the state from the Mexico border to Oregon – will likely make that a tougher sell.

Yes California co-founder Louis J Marinelli said the plan went further than any attempt in history to make up for the historical treatment of Native Americans. …

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  1. Really??? says

    In their understandable disgust they are willing to lay a plan that will dissolve the nation, because as the radicals in the “Indian” movements have clearly stated they have no interest in cooperation with the Federal Gov. Outside of the States and Congress will kill the nation.

  2. Those who continue to attack the US with this kind of treason should be put to death or at least thrown out of the country. They should not be able to hide behind civil rights when their motive is clearly to damage or end the US as we know it.

  3. They do realize that the courts have removed calexit from the ballot

  4. They sure are free and easy with that which they do not own.

  5. Bogiewheel says

    Why does this story have to originate in a British newspaper ?

  6. “Native” may include Hispanic as well. Sheer stupidity. Can we blame this on Russia?

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