California ammo check law blocked 100 sales in first month

California’s new ammunition background check law in its first month stopped more than 100 people from buying bullets illegally, officials said late Monday as they struggled to deter more of the mass shootings that have roiled California and other states over the last week.

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“Countless other prohibited persons were likely deterred from even trying to purchase ammunition that they cannot lawfully possess,” Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a court filing. He disclosed the early results in response to a gun owners’ rights group attempt to block the law that took effect July 1.

A federal judge is expected to decide later this month whether to halt the law as a violation of the Second Amendment right to bear arms and other federal laws.

The filing came as Gov. Gavin Newsom said the federal government should follow California’s lead in requiring background checks for ammunition buyers. …

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  1. This law will not keep the bad guys from obtaining guns or amo period.
    Thousands and thousands of rounds of amo were sold at the last gun show with people wheeling out case after case of amo on dollies, in wagons, etc.; all purchased legally prior to 07/01/2019. And, these were not business owners, they were individuals who can sell to anyone who wants to pay the price.

  2. The bad guys will get bullets or guns, no matter what the law says.

  3. Know this, under this law I would not purchase any ammo. This is a backdoor gun registration. Purchase shotgun ammo, pistol ammo, or rifle ammo and guess what? Newsom knows what guns you have and all he has to do is send out his Gestapo to confiscate when the state communist legislature decides to once again violate you Constitutional rights!
    They have been chipping away at your rights and you have been o.k., with it but when the time comes, don’t think they won’t do it.
    Newsom and the league of deceivers and liars will put you in chains.
    They are above the law, you are not.

  4. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    The FULL numerical context from the article –
    Aside from the more than 100 who were prohibited, the state’s filing says nearly 11,000 prospective buyers were denied immediate approval but were not determined to be barred from owning guns or buying ammunition. The state processed more than 57,000 such transactions in the first month, ….
    Such a CLAMOR of “success” about 100 apprehensions, and NOT A PEEP ABOUT THE 11,000 FALSE DENIALS, as the State claims “proof” of “no inconvenience”… TYPICAL LYING BS. And also, how many of the 100 and of the 11,000 were REPEAT ATTEMPTS by the same person ?

  5. I was not allowed to buy ammunition at Walmart even though I’m a Peace Officer. My wife and my son were also denied to buy ammunition. I just had to find it somewhere else but had to pay a little more.

  6. …and prevented thousands of legal gun owners from buying ammo, too.

  7. Boris Badenov says

    The not so fine print and the real reason for this Unconstitutional ‘law’. “but were not determined to be barred from owning guns or buying ammunition. ” It is gun control and abridging our Rights.

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