California Assemblymen Introduce a Legitimate Bill to Solve Homelessness

End ‘Liberal Olympics’: Pray that the State Capitol media gives it the attention it needs, and that all of California deserves

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Two California Assemblymen have introduced a bill to address life beyond homelessness.

Assemblymen Josh Hoover (R-Folsom) and Joe Patterson (R-Rocklin) announced Assembly Bill 2417 “to expand and improve California’s response to our state’s homelessness crisis. This legislation increases funding flexibility for treatment and service oriented programs by repealing the state’s existing one-size-fits-all ‘Housing First’ approach to homelessness.”

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What? This doesn’t sound interesting, controversial or sexy? Yawn.

That’s the problem with today’s Liberal Olympics. Only the craziest, most ridiculous bills seem to get any media attention. The actually necessary, corrective policy-fix bills are ignored by the mainstream media while the stupid, excessive, exaggerated bills make the media’s click-bait cut.

This bill is important… So what does the “Beyond Housing” bill do?

According to the bill’s authors:

It “eliminates the state’s one-size-fits-all approach to homelessness by allowing treatment as a potential option rather than the strict Housing First policy. This would allow state agencies and departments to distribute homeless funds to entities that require mental health and drug treatment for homeless individuals to remain in the program. Ultimately, this will reduce homelessness, crime, squalor, and pressure on local services, when billions in taxpayer money has already been squandered.”

This means that the failed “Housing First” policy this state has spent billions on is… well… a failure – except for the contractors refurbishing and building the “housing” for the homeless.

t is notable that several states with high housing costs have low homelessness – something which rankles “housing first” advocates who continue to insist the hundreds of thousands of drug addicts living on the streets, parks, beaches, rivers and golf courses in California would not be there if they could afford housing, even calling the drug-addicted homeless the “unhoused.”

The Globe has covered the homeless crisis extensively and note that focusing only on housing rather than what’s really at the root of homelessness – drug addiction and mental illness – is merely Democrats controlling the language rather than solving the homeless crisis.

As Assemblymen Hoover and Patterson explain in detail:

Click here to read that the full article in the California Globe


  1. If I knew that this bill was being introduced I would have found time during my campaign for assembly district 2. In all of my forums I have ben focusing on these issues against my 6 democrat foes. We need this bill when asked about homeless situation I will refer to this bill because it is what needs to happen. Michel Greer

  2. Let’s reopen the old State Hospitals to house these drug addicts. Allowing them to run free in the society will solve nothing until they can shake their addictions and mental illnesses are controlled. When we had the State Hospital systems operating, very few cities had the now, uncontrollable homelessness we now experience. The drug culture of the 60’s made getting high a form of recreation that becomes addictive to the mind and body.
    The do-gooders tolerate this because most of them are sheltered from the effects of these people and never admit to the fact that there are folks that can’t or won’t be contributing members of society.
    They tolerate it and get themselves in positions of authority to lord their warped senses of justice upon the rest of us.

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