California bill could triple rebates for electric car buyers

California could triple the rebate it gives to drivers who purchase zero-emission cars under a San Francisco lawmaker’s bill that seeks to put the state on track to meet its goals to combat climate change.

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Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting’s bill, AB1046, would let state regulators increase a typical consumer’s rebate for an electric car to up to $7,500 and provide a stable pot of funding for the payments.

Ting said his bill would promptly boost rebates and reduce them over time, as electric vehicles such as Teslas and Chevrolet Bolts presumably grow in popularity.

California’s existing rebate program gives buyers a flat $2,500 for full-battery electric vehicles. Ting said that gives buyers no incentive to go electric now versus years down the road. …

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  1. us citizen says

    Yeah, this aint gonna happen. This would wipe out a giant industry revolving around cars, race cars, antique cars, specialty cars, high end cars, etc. The car culture would not allow this.

  2. Sebra Leaves says

    it is easy to show support or opposition for a bill and get the message to the appropriate committee.

    If you want to support or oppose AB 1046, you may do so by signing up for an account to vote on the bills in session. It is easy to do. Just go here and follow the instructions: Filing Positions online:
    Instructions on how to submit position letters:

  3. Fed Up CA man says

    You want to drive an electric vehicle on California roads? Great, all you gotta go is pay a $0.10/mile use tax since you aren’t paying your fair share at the pump.

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