California Bill Would Tie Traffic Fines To Violator’s Income

As reported by CBS13:

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SACRAMENTO — If you’ve ever gotten a traffic violation, you know it all too well that California’s traffic fines are among the highest in the nation.

But a state Senator wants to lower fines for people who don’t make much money while making it illegal for the state to suspend your driver’s license if you can’t afford to pay.

Devon Olson is in the passenger’s seat, while mom drives her around town.

“I’m Uber mom these days,” mom said.

Devon lost her license because of $3,600 in unpaid traffic tickets. The biggest penalty is a red light camera violation. But she says she wasn’t home to receive the tickets in the mail. Then the late fees kept building and she had to give up the car. …

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  1. Ok, I get working with people, maybe not suspending a license, but some of these folks need to learn to drive and they wouldn’t get tickets!

  2. Andrew Kessel says

    Crap. Quit making a $200.00 a 500.00 ticket. Start with that. Stop raping the people on payment plans and late fees. How about that? Quit playing class envy games. I had the same opportunity as my siblings. One was a doctor, makes way more than me. You know why? She worked her ass into the ground. Drove an ambulance part time during medical school. Worked 13 a day with insane hours as an intern. Spent over 8 years of her life in college, still learning and working her ass off. Nothing handed to her. She deserves the exact same ticket I get. Sick of this class envy crap, just lower the price of the tickets or shut up.

  3. Total Progressive Elitist BS!!!!!

  4. CaptainBipto says

    It is egregious when municipalities savor fines as revenue instead of viewing assessing fines as deterrents to undesirable behavior. This is tantamount to taxation without representation.

  5. The corrupt commie librat politicians of Mexifornia only good at so-called legally robbed money from tax payers as much as they could by the laws they created.

  6. Emanuelle Goldstein says

    Whatever happened to the concept of “equal before the law”? Even the UN recognizes that concept: Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states that “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.”

    Nothing like putting your finger on the scale by injecting socioeconomic status into litigation. But I forget myself, this is the Socialist Republic of California.

    • askeptic says

      Art-7 does not apply to UN agencies and personnel, who seemingly are above all laws, of both Man and God.

  7. who ever this asshole that proposed this is –he needs a good slap in the face with a flat shovel

  8. More punishment for making something out of your life. this is where liberals seem to forget that equal protection under the law goes both ways. Just another constitutional amendment ignored by the California vote shopping legislature.

  9. askeptic says

    …and, there should be a 500% enhancement if the violator is employed by any government entity!

  10. BRUNO BORNINO says

    This is being done in Great Britain now fine can be 1.5 x a week’s income. Don’t believe me? Read this.

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