California cities top list of towns with worst roads in U.S.

road_blockCongratulations, California. The top three cities with the worst roads are all from the Golden State.

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The nonprofit organization TRIP, which researches transportation issues, released a report on Wednesday listing the country’s roughest roads.

California drivers probably are not surprised by the findings, which state that the top three worst areas in the nation for rough roads comes from our state.

The San Francisco Oakland area – congrats to you, you’re No. 1. According to the report, 71 percent of the roads there are in bad shape.

San Jose came in second with 64 percent, and the Los Angeles area came in third with 57 percent. …

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  1. Want the reality of a rational State vs. Calif. and its roads? Drive to Las Vegas. The minute you cross the border the roads improve dramatically. Go to Arizona, and it is even more dramatic.

    Caltrans and the Legislature should put up signs all over the State, “potholes ‘r us”.

    Do you need any other reason to pass Prop. 6? Billions spent on the failed and broken Choo Choo, billions spent on bike paths and commuters still drive, billions spent on … on… on… get it yet?

    Democrats = Lousy Planning
    Democrats = Utopian failed concepts

    Still voting Democrat?

  2. Yes on 6….won’t affect roads….where did all the past taxes go?

  3. In SF we passed a special General Obligation bond to repave roads.

    That’s right, with over $10 BILLION annual budget, they could not (or would not) find the money for basic road repaving. We had to issue more debt to provide a BASIC city service.

    Worse, the bond was cover for the SFMTA to remove auto lanes and parking to install unused bike lanes colored in astro turf colored green.

    Despite this, many roads are absolutely terrible.

  4. In anticipation, of a future collapse of California’s deplorable road conditions, is it any wonder why so many four wheel drive vehicles are sold in this State.

  5. The car-hating Democrats have won again! Is the legislature misusing the road tax money? Is the Pope Roman Catholic?

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