California Considers $500 Fines for Water Wasters as Drought Worsens, Conservation Lags

As California descends deeper into drought, officials are growing increasingly troubled by dwindling water supplies and the public’s lackluster response to calls for conservation, with residents in recent months falling short of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s request for a voluntary 15% reduction in usage.

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Now, as the West tips toward crisis, state water regulators are considering adopting emergency regulations that will prohibit certain actions in an attempt to curtail water waste and help conserve supplies.

If approved, the proposal could usher in a wave of water regulations that hearken back to previous droughts while underscoring the seriousness of the current one.

On Tuesday, Lake Mead — the nation’s largest reservoir and a lifeline for water in Los Angeles and the West — was at 1,065 feet, or about 34% of its capacity, a near-historic low. Much of California on the U.S. Drought Monitor map was painted in worrisome shades of red.

“These regulations are kind of no-brainers at this point,” said Doug Parker, director of the California Institute for Water Resources at UC Davis. “They probably should have been done a little while ago.”

Among the activities that may be prohibited are washing vehicles with hoses that do not have shut-off nozzles; hosing down sidewalks, driveways or patios “except in cases where health and safety are at risk”; watering landscapes in a manner that causes excessive runoff; and watering lawns within 48 hours after measurable rainfall.

For many, the measures feel like déjà vu as California again faces the prospect of dwindling water supplies.

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  1. Never mind those illiterate preeks in Sacramento are sitting on 2.7 billion in water infrastructure funds we taxpayers voted a few years ago. They are afraid to touch them because their handlers/funders (the environmental whackos) will have a fit. No new dams have been built. The dam at Lake Shasta has not been raised 20 feet. Lake Shasta feeds the Sacramento which “waters” most of Kaliforniastan. How about an “on demand” huge desal plant near Eureka which is only 60-70 miles away from Lake Shasta? How about funding a fish hatchery for the little smelt in SF Bay? Would be a lot cheaper than releasing billions of gallons of water for the little fish. No, as long as you morons keep electing those liberal preeks, dying of thirst is on the table.

  2. Past water bond measures passed by voters and money raised was squandered and stolen for other “sustainable” projects. If those projects voted for had been completed, there would not be a problem.
    The water crisis was self inflicted, and there is no such thing as man made climate change. There is such a thing as man made mismanagement and stupidity.

  3. The answer to WHY is CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL. Water control can cover every aspect of llife in California. Politicians love control. Look at China, look at Russia, look at Venezuela, look around the earth at all the countries that operate at a totalitarian level. Is that what we want in America? Many seem to see that as the answer to being taken care of – HA!!!

  4. Residential water use is less than 10% of all water usage. So even if it was reduced by 10% it would only amount to a 1% reduction in total use. So let’s control and penalize home water usage! Insanity continues in the great State of Communist Kalifornia.

    In the mean time billions of gallons of water are wasted in the Delta to supposedly save an insignificant little fish called a smelt.

    Not to mention the misuse of all the water bonds that have been issued over the years.

    It is a lot like the incompetence in managing Kalifornia’s forests.

    So much unnecessary damage is created by the ultra Left it boggles the mind. And still ignorant, stupid voters continue to vote for these fools.

  5. The state dumps 50% of our water supply into the ocean and does nothing to stop the incessant years’ long weather manipulation that is breaking up the water/snow bearing fronts from Alaska…now all of our rain comes from geoengineered “pineapple express” AKA “bombogenesis” water artificially created water flows from the Hawaiian Islands that are too warm to dump much needed snow in the Sierras which creates Spring snow melt where much of our water storage is derived

  6. How much of the water is being stolen by illegal pot grows throughout the state? Of course you can’t shut them down because they contribute to the local economies. Setting up hatcheries for the Delta Smelt would be far more efficient than dumping billions of gallons of water into the ocean in a futile effort to save them “naturally”.

  7. Stan Sexton says

    Hmmm. Let’s build millions of new apartments and ADUs. Let’s tear down dozens of dams. Let’s divert water to the ocean. None of this affects our water supply? We blew our chance to get rid of Newsom. I knew he would be on this track after the recall.

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