California could offer state-subsidized health care to 170,000 undocumented children

As reported by the Associated Press:

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SANTA ANA >> In a move that adds momentum to efforts to integrate immigrants, California is on the cusp of becoming the largest state in the nation to extend state-subsidized health care coverage to children from low-income families who are in the country illegally.

Democrats, immigration groups and health care advocates celebrated the announcement as both a cost-saving move and social progress for the state’s estimated 2.5 million immigrants who are in the country illegally. Critics, however, worry that the overburdened state-funded health program can’t handle another 170,000 children.

Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders announced a $115.4 billion budget agreement that for the first time includes state funding to cover low-income children under 19 regardless of their legal status in Medi-Cal, the state’s health care program for the poor.

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  1. Marine101 says

    Well of course. Just let me give you my wallet.

    • Illegal aliens from mexico, etc., = more illegal fraudulent democrat voters to perpetuate the liberal dictatorship in stinkramento, and ultimate demise of the state as we know it!

  2. US "Citizen" says

    Exactly when is this insanity going to stop. Get these idiots out of our govt. Stop voting for them!!!! And after that happens……..deport all the illegals. They are not immigrants. They are illegal aliens.

    • Sucking our country dry. They need to go back to their countries and get in line like everyone else.

  3. Really? WHAT about my mother who is 76 years old and gets only 760 dollar a month in SS? WHAT about her? Medicare refused to pay for glasses. WHERE is her healthcare? I’m sick and tired of us paying for freeloading people. They need to go back to their country and come here LEGALLY. They are criminals. PERIOD. What part of ILLEGAL does that criminal Jerry Brown not understand? He sells our water to Nestle for a profit. How much money does he get in kickbacks I wonder. He allows water to be wasted for fracking. 160 plus million gallons right there. What will happen to California when all the tax payers actually leave the state? These illegal people will follow them because they follow the money like blood suckers. It’s ENOUGH.

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