California Dems prepare for crackdown on churches

church-pewChristians across the nation are expressing grave concerns over a proposed California law that would outlaw speech dealing with certain issues – including homosexuality and gender identity – by clergy members, licensed counselors and others.

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Assembly Bill 2943, authored by Democratic Assemblyman Evan Low, would utilize the state’s existing consumer fraud statute to classify gay conversion therapy as a fraudulent practice.

State senators passed the legislation last Thursday and the Assembly is poised to take up a final vote before the bill is sent to Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown’s office.

“The faith community, like anyone else, needs to evolve with the times,” Democratic Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi said during debate on the legislation. “The science is clear. The claim that the First Amendment can be used as a defense for promoting fraudulent conduct is a fallacious argument.”

Dr. Paul Chappell, the pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church and the president of West Coast Baptist College, said there is a groundswell of opposition rising up among Christians and conservatives to the Assembly bill. …

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  1. Frivolous bills, like the gun control measures, designed to bankrupt conservative private interest groups who must always fight against the government supported by the taxpayers’ dollars. It’s an all-out strategy to financially destroy the opposition. The taxpayers must regain control of the purse strings.

  2. Now we know how low you can go.

  3. yes, write a law to manage religion. find out who might support this effort and vote them out of office or at least get the beer keg out of their office.

  4. To Democrats government is god. The Demos hate the God of the Holy Bible. Now they can use government to squish the life out of those evangelical Christians. The tyranny of the majority?

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