California Environmentalists Now Want to Ban Plastic Straws

As reported by the Orange County Register:

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Plastic shopping bags are so 2016.

The new trendy target for those who want to reduce the stream of plastic flowing into our oceans, beaches and parks, is something smaller – plastic straws.

And since November, when California voters agreed to ban plastic bags from supermarkets and other retailers, people who want similar restrictions on straws have a realistic goal.

It’s why a growing number of organizations – some in California, some around the world – are working to reduce or eliminate the number of plastic straws in our daily lives. Some businesses, along with people who oppose government rules on things like plastics, are among those offering opposition to the push, but many other groups are taking steps to reduce straws. …

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  1. Stephanie Hart says

    Reusable straws? Have anyone of these morons heard of germs?

  2. Stephanie Hart says

    Guess I better start stockpiling straws. These people always get their way.

  3. Andrew Kessel says

    Good thing pitchforks aren’t made of plastic. Also, go to www. to see the failure of bag bans and the dangers of reusable bags. Germs are one, same for straws.

  4. What’s next? Are they going to ban “plastic boobs”?

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