California food prices could get even more expensive as fast food wages set to increase

LOS ANGELES – The rising cost of groceries has left consumers feeling the pinch, and now, as California greenlights a $20 minimum wage for fast food workers, residents are bracing themselves for potential price hikes in the fast food industry. 

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In September, a moment of victory and applause reverberated when Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a $20-an-hour minimum wage for fast food workers, like Anisha Williams, marking a significant increase from the existing rates. 

While some larger fast food franchises, such as Chipotle, currently promise $16.25 per hour, the state minimum wage is set to rise to $17 an hour in January, with the new wage for larger fast food franchises reaching $20 an hour in April.

This significant pay raise for fast food workers may have unintended consequences for consumers.

McDonald’s and Chipotle are already in discussions about raising their prices to offset the increased labor costs. 

Even before this wage increase takes effect, customers are feeling the financial impact of dining out.

Brianna Sosana, a resident of Huntington Park, reminisced about the days when meals could be bought for just a dollar, whereas now, a simple meal can easily cost $10 or more. 

Tina Carranza from Bell Gardens expressed concerns about the rising prices and the potential burden on families, with a single meal costing up to $20.

Caila Glickman, a Silver Lake resident, highlighted the challenge of affording fast food meals, noting that lunch often costs her more than $15, which is unsustainable for her daily expenses.

While many recognize that they pay for the convenience and speed of fast food, some individuals, like Brenda Perez, a Huntington Park business owner, are willing to adapt if prices increase significantly, but they acknowledge that such an increase would need to be substantial to deter them from frequenting these establishments.

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  1. Simple solution- Don’t eat at fast food places, better yet- don’t eat out at all.

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