California Insurance Commissioner Charging Rent for Second Residence to Taxpayers

Sky-high housing prices are the bane of many a California taxpayer, but embattled state Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, at least, is getting some help.

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Lara has charged taxpayers thousands of dollars since his January inauguration for renting a residence in Sacramento, state records show, in an unusual arrangement watchdogs say constitutes an ethical gray area at best — and at worst another political maelstrom for an official already under scrutiny.

POLITICO examined Lara’s travel expenditures and his reimbursements from the state in his first six months in the office. During those months, Lara charged taxpayers $14,160 in total for his apartment in Sacramento, travel costs and other per diem expenses associated with his position, according to the records.

Lara spokesperson Michael Soller defended the charges, saying they don’t violate state law, characterizing them as justified expenses, given travel and other demands associated with Lara’s new position. …

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  1. he’s cutting a fat hog, isn’t he. this is the respect we get from Sackatomatoes and politicians in general. we are here for their convenience

  2. this slimy politician deserves investigation for the phony PG&E deal. the government, especially LARA is up to their eyeballs in shit over this deal. the insurance industry in california would be non existant if PG&E had not been nominated as the FALL GUY and file chapter 11. how flaming convenient. whonahell got paid off and HOW MUCH.

  3. He is just another example of Democrats and RINO’s who will be elected, hold on to government jobs, and rip off taxpayers.

  4. Michael Soller defended the charges, saying they didn’t violate state law.
    Nothing a politico does violates state law unless they get caught, then it’s the barber pole dance until some sonofabitch somewhere decides there was no law broken after all. Right??? RIGHT!!!!

  5. TheRandyGuy says

    Why shouldn’t he? Voters in every election cycle continue to elect Democrats with fierce allegiance. He has nothing to worry about. CA voters richly deserve these examples of greed and self indulgence. You keep sending them back regardless.

  6. Hal Schwartz says

    Rick gives weasels a bad name.

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