California lawmaker proposes Tax guns instead of arming teachers

GunFollowing the February school massacre in Parkland, Fla., California legislators responded as they often do after a mass shooting, with proposals to further tighten the state’s strict gun control laws.

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But the killings – and a national protest movement that they inspired – have also raised questions across the country about how best to keep children safe in school.

Assembly Bill 2497, unveiled last month by Assemblyman Jim Cooper, would create a tax on firearm and ammunition sales to fund grants for high schools that want to hire police to provide campus security. The money would also pay for a counselor at every middle school, whose primary responsibility would be to detect and report potential threats of violence. …

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  1. tomsquawk says

    tax always trumps common sense

  2. The CAPTIVE says

    Those who follow the LIB-LEFT usually can be called the MEGA IGNORANT AND they can be expected to to all THAT IS WRONG for this state.

  3. True Teacher says

    We know how effective California politicians are at fixing school related issues. Yep, let’s fund another female position to the tune of over $100, 000 annually.

  4. Loose the Lunacy!

  5. We all know how effective the California lottery has been in funding the public schools. Now another dimwit legislator has a better idea!

  6. Has there ever been a liberal solution to a problem which did not either reach into our pockets or take away our rights?

  7. Bogiewheel says

    Great !…………..Another Stasi employee; California is becoming more like
    Western Europe.

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