California lawmakers divided over long waits at DMV offices

dmvLong wait times at the Department of Motor Vehicles were the subject of continued controversy Wednesday at a Capitol hearing and at a campaign event where Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox said the problem has been mishandled.

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The Assembly Budget Committee voted 15 to 10 Wednesday on a budget bill that allows the DMV to pursue an additional $26 million to speed up the processing of licenses at field offices. But the agency must justify any request in writing and provide a monthly report on how money is being spent.

“It’s absolutely appropriate that we continue to follow up and understand how these resources are deployed so that these wait times, which are a statewide issue, can be addressed across the board,” said Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), the committee’s chairman.

The budget bill was opposed by a bloc of Republicans, including Assemblyman Jay Obernolte of Big Bear Lake, who said DMV officials last week could not satisfactorily explain what they plan to do with $16 million that was provided earlier this month. …

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  1. That’s right, throw more money at a problem. I didn’t have any problems at my last DMV visit. Of course, I had an appointment far in advance. If you’re going to throw more people at the problem then extend the hours. Go to war with what you have.

  2. It’s all a big plot for beating the people down!

    That was my Alex Jones imitation.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  3. The minipulaters and controllers of the people at the State Capital have no interest in doing anything positive for the masses unless there is a direct benefit to them. If “they” have a DMV problem that would require action they would either make a phone call to someone at DMV to take care of there little problem as a “Favor” or send one of their minions to go take care of it.

  4. If everyone in California had an understanding of politics like Donald J. this state wouldn’t be in such horrific mess.

  5. My last visit to the DMV went off without a hitch, or an appointment, or any wait at all……
    of course, it was in NV.

  6. Just google “California DMV worker slept thousands of hours on the job, state report finds” to see why they need more money. Pfft.

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