California Officials Struggling to Regulate Weed Market

The agency overseeing California’s legal marijuana market has been overmatched by the job and is struggling to hire sufficient staff and set an overall strategy for the nation’s largest cannabis economy, an audit found.

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About two-thirds of the 219 staff positions authorized for the Bureau of Cannabis Control remain unfilled, according to an audit by the state Finance Department. A shortage of staff in the enforcement unit is hindering the agency’s ability to conduct investigations.

While the cannabis bureau is in its relative infancy and has established a foundation to oversee the market, “the current status and location of personnel is not sustainable to provide effective and comprehensive oversight of cannabis activities throughout California,” according to the audit, which was released earlier this month.


  1. Welcome to the fiasco. Welcome to California.

  2. Ed Cuevas says

    We are talking about a plant/weed that can be grown just about anywhere.
    It really can’t be controlled or taxed. This fact was explained to the wizards
    of smart at the outset but, they chose to go full steam on their fools errand.
    Now California has yet another budding (pun intended) and worthless
    bureaucracy that will soak up more tax income. The cost will further explode when pensions are added for these new bureaucrats. Hard to
    believe voters are happy with this. Proof to the saying “you can’t fix stupid”.

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