California proposes phaseout of single-use plastics by 2030

BEN GARVER — THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE A cashier bags groceries at the Big Y in Pittsfield, Monday, February 4, 2019. Big Y is phasing out single use plastic bags and reusable bags are for sale at every checkout. Pittsfield is close to phasing out the bags in the entire city.

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California already has placed curbs on plastic items such as straws and bags — and this week legislation was introduced to phase out single-use plastic food containers and other packaging that isn’t recyclable or compostable.

The proposed measure also would apply to polystyrene foam containers used for takeout meals, as well as plastic detergent bottles. Assembly Bill 1080, introduced Thursday, would phase out the single-use plastics by 2030 and follows concerns about plastic debris going in oceans and on beaches.

If the legislation becomes law, some experts believe it could lead to other states taking similar steps. In 2014 California became the first state with a single-use plastic bag ban, they noted, which led to at least four other states introducing similar measures. …

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  1. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    Kalifornia – The state that puts the “JERK” in “Knee[Jerk Reaction ” ! ! @!

    What about ending (Free !) single – use plastic SYRINGES ??????
    Effing Moron Hypocrites !!

  2. Ignorant liberal a$$holes! The bulk of the plastic ending up in the ocean comes from rivers flowing out of China, India and Asia. How many trash cans, or recycle bins have you seen in Beijing or Calcutta? Or for that case even Mexico City?

  3. Brenda Torres says

    What ever happened to RECYCLE…DOTARDS?!!! How many times can you recycle all those car Batteries that WILL end up in our Landfill and into our Waterways?!!!

  4. I’ve been told by very reliable sources (two guys living under an overpass) that this will solve the public-pension under-funding problem.

  5. The logical solution is to take all the plastic and reuse it and make it into things that can be used and then recycled (here in CA) into more objects we can use and then recycle—etc over and over again. No those corrupt government officials never do it! In fact they can use the illegal labor to do it—even those SYRINGES-RIGHT??? No I will not hold my breath–this is a never, never do!

  6. 2030? California will be a financial burning heap by then. Single serving
    plastic ware will be the least of their non-problems. The majority “Laws” coming out
    of Sacramento will be pretty much ignored by the general population by then.

  7. And the beat goes on.

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