California Republican Seeks Recount in O.C.

Janet Nguyen1A California state senator who narrowly lost her re-election bid is requesting a partial recount of ballots in Orange County, the county’s elections chief, Neal Kelley, announced Thursday.

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Former Republican Sen. Janet Nguyen requested the recount on Tuesday, a day after Democrat Tom Umberg was sworn in to replace her.

A voter in Senate District 34, on behalf of Nguyen, originally requested a complete recount of votes in Orange County, which comprises the vast majority of the district. Kelley said the request was later scaled back to 12 precincts in Santa Ana.

Nguyen lost the district by about 3,100 votes out of 267,000 cast. She did not respond to a request for comment. California Republican Party spokesman Matt Fleming said the party wasn’t involved in the request. …

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  1. Every single Republican that lost should be doing the same…and no help from the Republican Party (?) !

  2. With staggering odds of ALL republicans flipping long held offices in OC I would be seriously asking for all ballots to be recounted! The odds of a complete wipe out are immense! There is some chicanery going on. Orderly, HONEST, and fraud free election outcomes simply are not like that! And YES where is our CA GOP at? Most likely cowering in a bunker waiting till 2020!

  3. Mr. Pickle says

    What is wrong with CA voters? Really…….. so hold on to your wallets, because the majority party never passes on a new tax…………………..
    God help us as Prop 6 failed do to $50 Million spent and YOU believed those ads full of lies………. How soon you forgot that Moonbeam said he would NEVER raise taxes without a vote of the people! Suckers! Higher utility bills, highest Fuel taxes in nation, 10% increase in your property taxes every 5 years EVEN with Prop 13 that they are trying to change……….. and pay attention because the GREEN TAXES are coming to your neighborhood, and God be with you if you like drinking straws………….. and worst yet, you put Pelosiam in charge of the House. What is left is the VERY, very Rich, and the very, very poor…………

  4. Tom Umberg! Is that idiot still breathing?

  5. Orange County is a great place to ask for a recount!

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