California revives 100% carbon-free energy bill

California lawmakers revived a long-stalled proposal on Tuesday to set a goal of generating 100 percent of the state’s energy from carbon-free sources.

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With other controversial and high-stakes energy legislation also moving forward, California lawmakers face an array of decisions with vast implications for the Western energy grid, the future of renewable power and consumers’ electric bills.

A state legislative committee sent the 100 percent clean energy bill to the full Assembly, setting up a vote later this year.

The bill’s revival is a tentative victory for its author, Democratic Sen. Kevin de Leon, who is waging an uphill battle to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein in the November election. …

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  1. This is socialist insanity! Read “CO2 Is Innocent” at and clip-copy, print, take to a Chemistry or Physics teacher for authentication of chemistry, stoichiometry and physics, do the demo-experiment for a few Dollars and see for yourself that CO2 additions to the atmosphere on the order of those expected do not raise the temperature of air and we explain why. Anthropogenic global warming is panic pushing propaganda promoting political power.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  2. Bogiewheel says

    This cabal in Sacramento has forgotten that the sun shines for half a day, and the wind is unreliable. If this type of power were viable the private
    sector would jump at the opportunity and not worry about subsidies.

  3. Mr. Pickle says

    I think most reasonable folks don’t believe all the hype. The Dems, on the other had, have figured out a way TAX air, and saps like us just pay and pay, and pay…… One way to change this is to REMOVE the Dems from office, and bring some balance to the legislature. Why is it all proposals like this come with strings, such a Rebates, Tax Credits, etc. Because the alternatives cannot sell or survive without subsidies…. What does THAT say? And now all new homes MUST come with solar, thus increasing the cost to folks that can barely afford now in this over taxed, piece of crap state……. Checked your PGE bill lately?

  4. I do not understand. How can California government tell an energy producer how to generate. I thought this was the classic definition of fascism.

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