California Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez generates buzz at debate

As reported by Fox News:

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Rep. Loretta Sanchez has tried for months to generate buzz in her uphill U.S. Senate campaign against Attorney General Kamala Harris.

She finally did, but not for anything she said.

The Orange County congresswoman capped an hour-long debate with her fellow Democrat Wednesday by mimicking a celebratory gesture popularized by NFL star Cam Newton, known as “the dab.”

Standing behind a lectern, Sanchez suddenly thrust out her left arm, while tucking her head into the crook of right arm, then holding the pose briefly.

Harris initially looked puzzled, then a smile creased her face. …

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  1. Both these women are on the progressivist payroll (which explains their historic actions), so the only real story here, is which one may get the chance to mangle the Peoples interests in federal Congress.

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