California sues to halt Trump’s plan to roll back vehicle emission standards

An angry Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday announced a lawsuit by California and 16 other states against the Trump administration to stop it from rolling back aggressive national fuel economy standards championed by the state.

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In stinging comments at the Capitol, Brown said actions of the Trump administration were “so outrageous,” adding “Trump is definitely running a one-man demolition derby on science, the Clean Air Act and a lot of things we are trying to do.”

Brown called Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt “Outlaw Pruitt,” and accused him of “breaking the law.”

“He’s flouting the Clean Air Act and the legitimate needs and well-being of the American people,” the governor said. …

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  1. Anziani says

    Has Stupid Jerry Brown ever been to Europe and noticed what size cars they drive? It is very simple, the smaller the car the better the mileage. Doesn’t Stupid Jerry realize that if Detroit could build a safe, larger car that got 35 MPG, they would do it? It is an engineering impossibility, Stupid!

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