California to experience “weed drought” this summer

Marijuana StoreOut with the old, in with the new is the mantra of many California marijuana retailers this weekend. In case you missed it in a haze of smoke, California dispensaries are scrambling to dispose of their noncompliant bud — slashing prices in fire sales in what is likely to be the biggest marijuana sale the Golden State has ever seen.

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“Walk into any dispensary right now, and you will see some of the most incredible sales you will ever witness,” Jamie Warm, CEO of Henry’s Original, a boutique cannabis cultivator and distributor, told Salon.

If dispensaries fail to get rid of their non-compliant flower, they must record its destruction on video.

The weed sale is happening because on July 1, the state’s new safety and regulation requirements go into effect. While legalization technically took effect on January 1, industry players were given six months to make the necessary changes to operate their businesses legally. Starting on Sunday, marijuana packaging must be child-proof, in addition to now resembling traditional food packaging. All the products must implement a process that tracks current and past locations. And, the amount of THC in any product must be clearly marked, in addition to all businesses acquiring the proper licenses to operate. …

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  1. Rottweiler says

    It doesn’t get any better than this. By legalizing marijuana they have opened a can of whoopass on all of the tons of regulating that comes with Big Government. I laughed myself silly when I read all of the challenges the dispensaries will be facing every time a new law pops up to tax, regulate and crumble their businesses not to mention all of the jobs affected. When I go on my lunch break at the prominent hospital I work at the smell of weed is overwhelming. I wonder if they are driving, perhaps a surgical tech or chemo nurse are imbibing? I wonder if the patient will have 100% of the attention of the staff or is it just acceptible to be high? I guess they haven’t had 100% since the I-phone came along, everyone and I mean everyone is so connected (except me). This state sucks!

  2. Bogiewheel says

    This cabal in Sacramento is framing a monopolistic grab to control a highly taxable item. To understand, all one has to do is reflect back to
    the States position on the Lottery and Casino “business”.

  3. Boris Badenov says

    Ohhh, all the tax revenues the state and cities will rake in…..yeah but Miguels stuff doesn’t have all of the taxes so it’s cheaper. How many of the fools that use actually care about what they are putting into their bodies anyway?

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