California universities weigh first tuition hikes in 6 years

As reported by the Washington Times:

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Faced with record high enrollment and the need to hire faculty, the University of California and California State University systems are considering raising tuition for the first time in six years.

The proposed annual hikes – $270 at the 23 Cal State schools and $280 at UC’s 10 campuses – are being discussed this week by the governing boards of both systems at separate meetings on budget plans.

Leaders of both institutions say they need more funding to maintain the quality of the nation’s largest public university system.

Rates have remained frozen despite declining state support, officials said. The current in-state undergraduate tuition at Cal State schools is $5,400 a year and $12,300 a year at UCs. …

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  1. When you give give tuition waivers to Illegal Aliens, somebody has to pick up the slack, and that somebody are Citizen Taxpayers.
    Note to all the parents of those students who will have to pay that increased tuition bill:
    This is why your vote for a Democrat was foolish!

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