California’s Background Check Law Had No Impact on Gun Deaths, Johns Hopkins Study Finds

A new academic study has found that, once again, gun laws are not having their desired effect.

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A joint study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of California at Davis Violence Prevention Research Program found that California’s much-touted mandated background checks had no impact on gun deaths, and researchers are puzzled as to why.

In 1991, California simultaneously imposed comprehensive background checks for firearm sales and prohibited gun sales (and gun possession) to people convicted of misdemeanor violent crimes. The legislation mandated that all gun sales, including private transactions, would have to go through a California-licensed Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer. Shotguns and rifles, like handguns, became subject to a 15-day waiting period to make certain all gun purchasers had undergone a thorough background check. …

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  1. To get an idea of the effectiveness of background checks all you have to do is look at the last 4 mass killings. One of them was done with knifes so there was no background check required. The one in Gilroy went out of state to buy a rifle and magazines that were illegal in Ca and brought them in illegally. The other two bought their weapons legally and passed background checks to get them. This demonstrates exactly how well background checks work. There has never been a gun control law that will stop any bad guy from getting their hands on almost any gun they want or would have stopped any mass shooting. All any of these gun control laws do is make it harder on law abiding gun owners that never shoot anyone.

    • Boris Badenov says

      All we need is ONE MORE LAW, really, that’s all, just ONE MORE LAW. A law that makes it illegal to defy the intent of the 2nd Amendment.

  2. us citizen says

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhh thats not gonna work. Criminals will get whatever they want to.

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