California’s cap-and-trade faces tough questions

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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California’s marquee climate-change program faced tough scrutiny on Tuesday from a state appeals court judge who seemed skeptical that the $4.4 billion raised from the state’s cap-and-trade program complied with laws regulating taxes and fees.

“Where does this end?” Associate Justice Harry Hull asked state lawyers at a hearing in a long-running lawsuit that challenges the state’s ability to collect revenue from the cap-and-trade auctions it has sponsored since 2012.

Despite Hull’s questioning, two of three justices at the 3rd District Court of Appeal appeared to be leaning toward upholding the California Air Resources Board’s greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program. It aims to gradually reduce greenhouse-gas emissions over time by compelling industries to change the way they do business under the authority of the landmark 2006 law, Assembly Bill 32.

A decision from the court is expected within 90 days, but the losing side likely will appeal the case to the state Supreme Court.


  1. Once again no one is demanding a “cost/benefit” analysis of any of Jerry the Stupid’s climate hoax regulations. Even the EPA says that if the USA, China and India all did what they say they will do (fat chance) there will be only a half degree change in the World’s temperature. And just out is the SCIENTIFIC information that the sunspot flood has stopped after 4000 years and that the Earth is going to get a lot colder after 2025. And remind that bald fool that the Earth mostly heats from the sun and hardly any heat from an obscure trace gas that is desperately needed for food production.

    • “,,,a half degree change…” which is predicated on the assumption that the computer models on Warming are anywhere near accurate –
      an assumption based on smoke and mirrors……and the infamous “Hockey Stick”.

  2. What? Do you mean paganism is not the law of the land? Jerry Brown is the guardian of the world!

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