California’s Single-Payer Healthcare Bill Isn’t Based in Reality

As reported by National Review Online:

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On Thursday, the California state Senate passed Senate Bill 562, which seeks to establish a statewide single-payer healthcare system.

Democratic senator Ricardo Lara, the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, co-authored the bill and advocated its passage, but failed to explain how the proposal’s $400-billion price tag will be financed.

The bill represents a key progressive goal, and yet, it will almost certainly never be signed into law — even though Californians have elected Democratic majorities to both legislative chambers and a Democratic governor. Why not? Because it’s absurdly expensive. This year’s entire state budget is $180 billion. The single-payer system called for in 562 costs more than double that. …

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  1. Why would you expect reality from our legislature, they represent LA-LA Land and are led by a moonbeam follower who no longer can connect with reality. He thinks of himself as a world leader, but so did Fidel Castro, remember with the backing of Moscow, he thumbed his nose at Washington. Jerry follows that same mindless, socialistic ideology and is thumbing his nose at Trump, but Jerry has no big hand behind him to enforce his non-Constitutional governing. He will have to face the reality of possibly being removed from office by his own National Guard, coming to enforce a court order ruling declaring him unfit for office.

  2. The only thing left for them to do is poison the well.

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